Wrong Strings/Right Strings?

I was sent a 5 string set of D’Addario’s the other week which I never ordered so I rang up the shop that sent them to let them know that someone out there would be waiting for a set of strings that have been accidently sent to me. After a few minutes on the phone I was thanked for letting them know and they told me to just keep the pack of strings.

I do not own a 5 string bass, maybe one day but not for the foreseeable future. So my question is, can I leave the B string out and use the other 4 as a replacement set?

Also, out of curiosity, what would happen if I used the B string as the E string? Would the tension on that string tuned to E damage my neck.


YES!!! You hit a jackpot dude!!! Use them! Great strings!!

Keep On Thumpin’!


+1 to Lanny, and this would also be fine as long as you tuned it to B… Tuning it to E would be a bad plan.

What a lot of people do here is discard the G string and go for BEAD tuning.

You may need to file the nut slot.


Yes to this!! One of my Ibanez bass’s is tuned to BEAD and took a bit of filing on the nut and a few other mods, but a great bass to play…


Also, these are my favorite strings- you’re lucky :slight_smile:


Just don’t forget to do another intonation when switching to BEAD.

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