Yamaha Broad Bass BB735A

Wow, I am surprised they are that low when the 400 series was already around $759. I thought they would be around double.

They seem like a really good deal for what you get, definitely a sweet spot.


so should be about $400 used for a pristine model.


I mean, IMO they sound awesome:

They also BEAD well :slight_smile:

(love that pedal too, have one myself).

Then again this is also making me consider BEADing my TRBX :slight_smile:

I won’t (I need a G string on one bass :slight_smile: but it is good for comparison - a modern, bright bass vs the more classic sounding BB. Both sound awesome to me. The B string on the TRBX 5 there sounds noticably better than my Warwick (which if anything is too bright).

(Erik Arko is great, love his reviews, no BS, just sound)


my conclusion @howard is that you need another TRBX (not necessarily a 504/604 ; I believe a 304 would be enough) or a SR (or a Warwick) to have one bass for Std / Drop D and the other one for BEAD.

always happy to help ! :v::grin:


Well that’s where I am at now, Std/Drop D TRBX and BEAD Warwick :slight_smile:


I though you sold the warwick ?


Sold the 5, bought a 4 and BEADed it :slight_smile:


Hahaha, yeah, I am having a hard time deciding which bass will be my drop D. The LTD B4 was doing a splendid job, then I dropped the Sub Ray, and it’s awesome too. I think I like slapping the Sub Ray best too. I love my SR300, but it’s the least slappy of the bunch.

Of course,I just made arrangements for somebody to come over on Sat afternoon to purchase the Hartke VX810 8x10 800w @4ohm bass Cab for $275. Making my Schecter Elite 5 / hard case and set of Carvin strings and a nice leather strap a grand total of $25
So of course, this gives me plenty justification for another Bass. Lol. (GAS GHOULS ARE PARTYING TONIGHT). Lol.

I have two in mind already. The Schecter Elite 4 matching my 5 (except not orange🙁)

and this one that for some reason will not sell, and calls out to me daily. The Blue is so stunning, and the price, already very good, is easily negotiable.
I have sold a bunch of other gear and instruments, or am selling right now as well, most for profit. Not huge margins, but a profit none the less. Easily enuf to wipe away the $25 I paid for the Elite 5 :clap::clap::clap::+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:

Nah, prob not gonna get either. The Schecter makes sense cuz it kinda matches my 5, but there are and have been others, so I will wait for an Orange one…at least for now.

The LTD, I love the color, even tho it’s not Orange, it is awesome. Plus I have a LTD B, and love the 4 string, and will love this too…but. No, prob not, it doesn’t really solve my drop D tuning Delma, and It’s been there for a while, maybe it will for a while longer, and maybe someday…:thinking:

That said, the Orange beautiful Sprctoe I posted before that was $200 with an awesome case…it finally sold, after a few months.:slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face::roll_eyes::flushed:

See, if I don’t get them, they will be gone. Hahaha


you don’t need a dedicated bass for Drop D, the same one can do Std and Drop D ! just one string to tune, it does not take more than a few seconds when you want to switch from a tuning to another :slight_smile: BEAD is very different because it requires a whole different string gauge and instrument setting


You realize who you are talking to, Right @terb
Plus, you are being NO FUN at all😎

You are right, Need is a strong word. I don’t need a drop D bass like I need air and water.
I want it like I want food. I could survive without food with alternate nourishment sources, But I rather have food, cuz much of the things we eat, taste really good.

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So an update.
Well after much deliberation and assistance from the Bass Centre in Melbourne I was finally down to a choice between two basses and neither were the Yamaha!!!

They were ( fanfare lol) …

Fender PJ Mustang

Ibanez SR 650

Both guitars are fantastic in there own right and it was a hard decision.
So after many cigarettes and mugs of tea I have decided on and indeed purchased the Ibanez.

The reason and the only reason was that as a beginner I really don’t want to get a short scale ( or should I say another short scale as I am currently refurbishing a faux-Gibson SG) just because it might be a little easier on my pinky atm.
So in the next few days I will be getting my new to me used Ibanez :tada::balloon::tada::balloon:


That’s a great choice. I have a 600 series sr and it’s my go to bass over my 1800 series sr.


Agree, great choice. I really like the SR line.


500, 600, 700 seems to be the sweet spot for price/features


Certainly do.


I really want a SR2400-APL. But yeah if I were actually shopping for one it would likely be a 6xx. Super light, great tone, great neck, nice preamp, active/passive switch. They look awesome too. The only problem is it’s essentially the same bass as my TRBX604 (which I love) so there’s no reason to pick one up.

That’s kind of why I want the SR2400 though. It’s like a nicer, premium version of my TRBX.


does the 2400 have aguilars or nordstrands? My 1805 has Nordstrands.




I’ve wanted to hear those. Haven’t had the opportunity as of yet.


Awe, shucks :slightly_frowning_face: my 300 doesn’t fit The bill.
I love it anyway. It plays great, was a great deal used, and it’s orange.

I do really like the SR line, and when I upgrade, another SR will be in my future.

Congrats @Mac, it’s a great bass, I am sure you will love it.