Yamaha TRBX pickup height

Anyone able to measure their pickup height?
I set mine to 7/64 and 5/64 bass/treble side and think they are too close.

Which TRBX?

I don’t have mine here at work but I set both of the pickups on it at about 1/8" so I’d say you’re probably good. I have a TRBX605.

Yeah, can’t measure mine exactly at the moment but they are about 4mm on a 604.


BTW, my week for quality control issues.
One of the pickup screw holes was drilled at a slight angle, so the screw head did not go freely into the pickup hole recess & bolt hole and instead starting pulling down the pickup while about 1/4" higher…so a small bit of ‘surgery’ on both the hole and the bolt pass through of the pickup and all is good again.


so learnings #2, don’t set up a bass the day you get a tooth pulled and are wonky…i set them to open strings vs. last fret, fixed, all better now (tooth too, haha).