You can join anytime! Even if just for a song!

Just wanted to make it clear to everyone that you can join in with us whenever you want, even if it is just for one song. Fancy diving in to “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley with us but didn’t do the first two songs we did? No problem. After “Crazy”, you want to wait a few more months for another of your favorites? No problem. Want to cover a song we already did and post it into those threads? No problem.

It would be great to see people continue to do these songs and join in with us if/when they can. Just wanted to make that clear, because I think some people feel like they have to do every song with us when the main group is doing them and neither of those is true. This is all just for fun and to help us collectively improve. Come join in the fun!


JT is right, to have Fun and improve on your bass playing. Thanks for doing this JT. All the Members on BassBuzz are Badass. Thanks again, and cheers mate. :beers:


@JT Thanks. I’m waiting for Roxanne and London Calling. UK Punk and New Wave was the music of my formative teenage years.


I’m glad to hear you all are having fun. Keep it up!

Just not my cuppa tea

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