You play like a girl! Can you play like a girl?

Inspired by our Bad ASS Gal @PamPurrs I want to post the covers of the song played by female bassists. They are almost as bad ass as our Pam here. Let’s fill it up. There are plenty of excellent players of all genres, to name a few Gail Ann Dorsey, Carol Kaye, and I just found out Adele is quite a bass player, yep that Adele!

Here’s my first cover. It’s by Funky Times with guest collabs, Julia Hofer, she’s a bad ass. Almost half of the song are ghost notes, :joy:

Here’s the original


Don’t forget my hero Tina Weymouth


Here’s mine. It’s an oldie, recorded before the cancer ruined me.
Stay til the end and you’ll see a tribute to Tina.


I’ve been working on Memories Can’t Wait for a couple of weeks now. It’s way above my skill level but I can’t get over how playful Tina’s lines are. I got into playing bass firm that Simon Gallup and Hooky were my heroes, but I’m really loving Tina’s bass lines either as much as Simon’s or more.


That’s so awesome and the bass sounded great. The house in the background is appropriately creepy. :joy:


Yeah, I love to play that bassline too. It’s such a fun song. The Talking Heads have a bunch of jams that get me in the groove zone. Burning Down the House and Wild Wild Life are really fun to play as well. Great playing, Pam.



Thanks :smiley_cat:

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