You Tube Videos Download Dilemmas All Solved for the PC

For the longest time I have had reliability, video quality and audio issues downloading music related instructional YouTube videos. I was also sick and tired of that massive QR code that shows up on the downloads I did manage to get.

I came across this link on one of the open source programming websites and there is a new lua script file the open source people have come up with that has sorted it all out for the VLC media player on a PC.
Works great.

Here is a link for those interested.

Download/Convert YouTube Videos to Mp4 using VLC Media Player [Error Solved 2021] - YouTube](- YouTube)


First things first - I hate watching youtube video tutorials, so here’s a short summary for people who know a little bit what they are doing:

  1. Download the current version of the youtube lua script for VLC → vlc/youtube.lua at master · videolan/vlc · GitHub
  2. Go to your VLC install folder → lua → playlist
  3. Copy the updated lua script into that folder and delete youtube.luac
  4. In VLC open a network stream and paste the youtube url of the video you want to watch/download
  5. Open the codec information (Ctrl+J) and copy the “Location” url into your browser. From there you can save the video

Note: I know the video says to rename the file to youtube.luac but as it isn’t a compiled lua file and vlc still registers it when its name is youtube.lua you should name it youtube.lua. The suggestion in the video is just wrong and it makes me a bit salty.

It is very nice to be able to download youtube videos with vlc, but I still have a problem with it.
It seems some algorithm selects the quality for me. With the annoying online services to download youtube I can select the quality. As I tested it with this video (Imagine Dragons & JID - Enemy (from the series Arcane: League of Legends) | Official Music Video - YouTube) the quality of the download was clearly below what I watch online.

Update: had a short look. The script at least tries to get you the best available quality. Just doesn’t seem to work for me with this video.



This was the problem I was having until the latest lua script now the Video and Audio are great and that nasty QR code, which always seems to obscure part an important part of the screen, like a scrolling TAB, is gone. :+1: :+1: :+1:

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{lol} Yeah . . . remember the “AO Hell” browser, @Barney ? . . . :slight_smile:

It always gave ME a damned good laugh



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I think most of Ontario is still on dial up @Jazzbass19

I might be wrong :thinking:


You are.

I don’t know anybody on dial up any more. :joy:


I’ve been using youtube-dl for I guess 4 or 5 years now with great success. It runs under Linux, and it is command line, but simple to use. enter the command, and paste the url after it like so (without the braces):

youtube-dl {url here}

That’s all there’s all there is to it. You do have to install the program, but afterwards no one is looking for your information or money or anything. I can launch it in a terminal window and just forget about it.


Same as kwt7667, under linux (fedora) as well. Now for Win/Mac users who really need a GUI, I think the app clipgrab should do (it uses youtube-dl as well).