Your favorite Impulse Responses

Please share links to your favorite sounding Impulse Response files, paid or free.


Something else I’ll need to look up, I guess…


I’ve added some favorites that I will continue to add to. But you need an Impulse Response Loader plugin to load into your mixer slot in your DAW’s mixer slot after your amp plugin.

It’s essentially just emulating your amp & cab section but within your computer authentically.

Some amp plugins come equipped with IR loaders already, while others lock you into their own cab sections, sometimes letting you mute the cab sections so you can load your own IR file that comes in packs of wav files.

You load them into the loaders and it emulates the real world cab and it’s positions along with other information into your bass tone for studio recording, jamming or practicing on your bass or guitar.

Best way I can simply explain the process. It breaks down and simplifies real world amp + cab tones inside your PC without you breaking your back pushing an 8x10 fridge into your house by yourself without roadies. Coolest thing since sliced bread if you ask me.


Companies basically sell bundles or single packs for real world brand cabs depending on what style you’re aiming for.

More than likely there is a file out there for it so you can try that certain cab you wish you could without actually having to yet in real life. They have real combo amp or the most common cab sizes out there out on markets.

I will warn you, once you start it’s sort of an addiction as it lets you basically buy packs anywhere from $10 to $30 per pack or $80+ for bundles to give yourself a taster of what cabs you might like before even trying them yet in real life.

They have hardware cab loaders too for these files for live jams, which you can do with your laptop or computer also. I mostly use them for recording or practice jamming on my computer.


We usually call them cabsims :slight_smile:


I don’t have much experience in this field, but I did jump on the Ashdown collection they have through Two-Notes Wall of Sound.

So far their 2X12 is my favorite. Definitely need to explore some more.

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