YouTube Copyright Issues

That’s fabulous you are leaving that to the family!

Do you host your own web server or do you have space with a commercial service?


Here’s what I do. If the video I see looks like something I definitely want to see again, I simply download a copy. I learned the hard way when videos I dearly loved were taken down for bogus reasons.


Yes I do that too for me.

I am actually more talking about alternatives for the creatives and as I pointed out earlier I don’t think vimeo is a viable alternative for most professional youtubers with the business model vimeo offers.


You’re correct it’s definitely not. Vimeo is made more for the people like us who just want a place to put our videos so that others can view them… not to make money.


Yes @Mark_UK… Several of my grandkids already have instruments that I have given them to learn on. Quite rewarding when they call or text me asking questions about a new song they might be learning. They all play guitar since that was what i began learning on years ago. One (my teenage granddaughter) has my Classical and she’s getting pretty good with it - but then again, she’s a teenage girl who finds herself grounded quite frequently and can spend endless hours trying to turn herself into the next Taylor Swift…


Hi @DaveT - I have for the last 10 years used a hosting service out of California. Lunerpages web hosting - now called Host Papa. I own two domains: and One I use for personal reasons (like my personal bass website and several others), and the other I created the site to collect and preserve the history of the old Diesel Electric submarine I served on from ‘71-‘77… I’m in the process of creating another sub domain website that will focus on a few independent musicians working together to create music both independently and/or as a combined effort…

Keep on Thumpin’!


Oh I am definitely on that! Love naval history! Always did!


Until someone like google, FB, YT, Yahoo, Amazon, Netflix, Etc… decides there is a business model here, and buys controlling interest, and things change for the better…yeah right, better for who? Not us.

Or they buy it to squash it.
then we wait for the. Ext start up to have a stable hosting site…?..

On the long run, if your gonna be serious about storing your videos, you will need a site, or to purchase cloud storage like Dropbox to store your stuff. I have not used DB in a while. Can you link to a video on there? Or only send links to access the video.

Maybe we should just start a bass only video hosting site, or bass buzz should???


Vimeo has been around for like 15 years, doing their thing. I doubt they are getting bought at this point. You never know though.