YouTube issues with Highway to Hell

So I got my song done early and uploaded it to YouTube. It got completely blocked from playing worldwide. I think it may be because we are using the official song as backing track? Not sure.
Any ideas? Maybe use a different backing track?

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It might just be the overzealous, overenthusiastic YT jackbooted nanny bots, or YT may be doing all it can to stay in bed with the Sonys and EMIs of this world.

Have a look at this:


Yes - it’s the backing track… I’d try Vimeo as an alternative…


I am getting all sorts of things blocked. Ultimate Guitar Tabs, I can’t get shit to load. I couldn’t get the violin bass article to load. I susspect it might be my browser, and / or computer, but its weird you said that since I am getting all sorts of things blocked.