Zoom B1 Four bumblef***ry

Hi All, perhaps you guys could help a lad in a wee pickle.

I’m greatly enjoying the effects of my Zoom B1 Four. In particular, for an aspiring basement bassist (yours truly), the various tone modalities, compressors and cabinet simulators are a great way to explore the possibilities of our axe of choice.

However, I wanted to connect it to Tonelib to install a Steve Harris simulator patch, but Tonelib refuses to connect to it on either one of my two computers (2011 Mac Pro, El Crapitan and 2020 Mac Air, Mojave). Has anyone run into this problem? How did you solve it?

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ToneLib Zoom always just worked for me, never saw that. Weird. Does MacOS give any error when you plug it in to USB?


@howard, so I’ve been dickering with it, and I turned on GuitarLab (Zoom’s own app) and it discovered the B1 just fine. So then, I turned on on ToneLib and it discovered the B1 as well. I shut off guitar lab, and then relaunched ToneLib, and it also caught the stomp box.

I backtracked to see what was the matter, and the only thing that I can think of is the USB cable I used was the wrong kind (apparently it was one with only the power, but not the data leads. The new wire seems to work great.

Silly me, I guess.

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Just worked for me as well, but I’m on PC. I know naught of Macs.

And man was I happy to find ToneLib after messing with GuitarLab…

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I see we were replying at the same time - good on ya for getting it straightened out…

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Thanks, @skydvr. I was getting ready to worry that the Zoom box would have to be sent back.

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Not silly, I would have never guessed it either! In my book a USB cable is a USB cable. :slight_smile: I know that less quality cables can affect Apple products but never heard of anything else.

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Power-only USB cables actually exist for security reasons. They allow you to plug in your device to a “public” USB port (at an airport, for instance) without running the risk of acquiring an interesting piece of malware.

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@Mike_NL, yes. This one was actually the charger cable off of my daughter’s Sphero. I may be ignorant, but I do make up for it by having huge quantities of stupidity :smiley:


Hi Kids! Back in the breech with this.

I’ve been trying to simulate a Tech21 SH1 stomp box on the Zoom B1 four.
There are a couple of Steve Harris patches available, but they’re not doing it for me. I will eventually likely get the SH1, but for now the Missus would likely throttle me with my own amp cord if I did. So, I’m trying to get something put together on the Zoom.

In particular, I’m having trouble finding an effect that would simulate the “bite” setting on the SH1. Any ideas?

Oh, this is interesting as I’ve drooled over the SH1 myself. I’ll be following anything you learn with interest…

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