Zoom B1 Four eq problem (solved)


I have mostly used Reaper software to fine tune my bass. Now i bought Zoom B1 Four since it’s not practical to take laptop to a gig with you.

Im all fine with Zoom, but i have problem with 200Hz. Both my bass has the bad sound area just there. With Reaper it was easy to fix, just turn eq at 200Hz down and problem solved.

Now B1’s all eq’s handles 120Hz and 400Hz. Nothing between and if i fix the sound with those frequencies i loose way more than i would like to.

Can i upload some more proper EQ to my Zoom or how i could fix this 200Hz area problem? There is effect such as BassPEQ, but im not sure how it is ment to work.

It looks like Bass PEQ will do what you want (screenshot from tonelib):

Looks like you can select 200Hz and adjust the parameters.

Or there’s an effect called Low EQ that also seems to have 200Hz available:

I didn’t play with them - just looked to see what was available via tonelib and what adjustments were present.

Hope this helps…

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A parametric EQ (which is what PEQ stands for) allows you to select the exact frequency you’d like to either cut or boost. Should be ideal for what you want to achieve.


Ok, ill study these. Thank you guys.