Zoom B1X Four patches

Hi everyone

I’m trying to find already worked-out patches for my Zoom B1X Four as I usually feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of effects you can try out when seeking to simulate any given specific sound, and I haven’t come across that many sites where I can find them, one of them being the YouTube channel called AMP (How To Sound Like…Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath - YouTube)

I’d like to ask anyone already using these type of “turnkey solution” patches to please detail where you buy/download, etc. them for the Zoom B1.



I was using Tonelib Zoom to manage the device and downloaded patches from their forums at ToneLib Community Forum


Thanks! I have already tried this out but found not too many good patches. I’ll keep on searching.


I’d flip this around and point out that by using ToneLib, it’s really easy to move effects around in your own patches (much easier than rewiring a real pedalboard, for example) and that makes this a really good way to learn how effects work and what they sound like in different orders.

It is a learning curve, though. If you are interested in effects and individual pedals, I can’t think of a better way to learn how they fit together than doing it this way (or in a DAW). If you are not interested in that and just want canned sound patches, this doesn’t help you though.

I don’t really know of a good source for them for the B1four/B3n. The Zoom multieffects have really excellent individual effects, but the factory patches themselves are really a mixed bag, maybe 1/3 good or so. I just deleted them.


you (angel, not howard) probably know this but you can safely delete anything from it. later if you decide you wanted what you deleted, it’s easy to restore it. i find that deleting everything except what you want makes it much easier to manage.


Yeah thanks, that’s what I usually do, I save every patch to the laptop and delete from the Zoom the ones I don’t like or use


Wish I had the time to spend in that learning curve… :disappointed_relieved:
That’s why I’m looking for already working patches. Sure I can try to tweak them once I have them, but I don’t have the time to play around building patches from scratch.


Probably won’t be the most helpful reply here, but I’ve lost love with my B1X Four and if I’m ever playing around with effects I currently only use the BIAS FX platform. It’s refreshingly more straight forward than I found trying to manage the Zoom pedal with the various zoom/tonelib software.
You have to pay for it but they seem to have a perpetual sale on most of their software so I actually spent less on that than I originally did with the Zoom pedal, and it might be a ‘biased’ opinion but I think almost everything sounds clearer on it!

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Yeah, DAW plugins are always going to be way easier and more convenient to use than any multieffects pedal. And way more flexible than any conventional pedalboard (like, by orders of magnitude).

Some people just like to tweak knobs on hardware gadgets though :slight_smile:

Me, I’ll take the convenience of software and map my MIDI controller when I want actual knobs to tweak.

Well, it also comes down to how the chances are that you want to play live and you want to prepare for that occasion, just in case.

For me, the chances that I will ever play live are very, very slim, but I like the fact that if I ever want to go to play outside of my own house, I can take all my tone options with me, without having to take my computer with me.

And: Most multi effect pedals can be tweaked just as easy via the computer.
It is just a preference on what each and everyone likes and for what eventualities one wants to be prepared.


You can use DAWs live (and many people do; it’s Ableton’s primary marketing point, even built in to the name :slight_smile:), but generally I agree - if I were going to play live I would definitely use my DAW, but primarily for synth and drums; bass and guitars I would probably buy a Quad Cortex for.

I use my B1X as a bedroom/practice amp with my Superego+ pedal but for most of my playing I use Amplitube. I usually record in amplitube too and then import into Reaper.

I find that the easiest way to get to know the B1X is to play with the effects individually and then use it like a pedal board before you start saving patches.


That’s not just the best way to get to know it, I think it is the most effective way to use it too, and you can also learn a whole lot about effects that way without spending an additional dime.


I know this is an old thread but i have a few I’ll share In next couple of days. have 2 I use tother and am getting some pretty cool stuff happening.


Cool, looking forward to it, @johnny_z! And welcome to the forums :smiling_face:

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Here is one I use. Running through Ibanez basses. Rubble 500 Combo v3, with 1x15 extention cabinet, when want I more boom. Rumble eq settings at positions - Bass 10:30, Low mid 1:30, High Mid 1:00 and Treble at 10:00. This will be as flat as possible.
ZNR always first and last on my chain.
Volume pedal always last on Four.
I use two beacause my Four fell and lost ability to connect to computer. So bought a regular Bx1. Most work done by the Four.
Bx1 Four first on the pedal board. Bx1 always has ZNR as last effect on chain.
The values are the number from left to right on effect displayed on screen.
Remember to tweak to your liking.
1: This one has a good kick and gain.
mb Comp : 50, 48, 40, 55
Bass ts drv : 45, 50, 63, 75
D.I Plus : 55,68,40,off,dist,52,78,75
Whatever cab sim you like if using your headphones.

I’ll have more soon.