Zoom effects processors

IDK if it only works on the MS70CDR or if it works on other platforms or not.
But it is an option for a multi mod pedal if somebody is looking for one they can expand.

according to the comments it should work on the 60B.

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Cool, I have one

LOL awesome if this works. Be careful running rando apps from the internet though.

Looks like you can do it to any Zoom unit that you can hook to the computer. Somebody said they added effects that are made for the MS70CDR and put them on the B1on

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cool hack but i’m not sure how totally useful it would be. you already get a ton of effects with any of the zoom’s, and you can’t just add more without quickly running out of space. so you would have to pick and choose which ones you really want. so i guess if you have specific effects missing from your zoom that you want it might be worth the hassle.

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I think some people that have had older ones, miss some of the effects that were removed in the newer ones.
I don’t know that I would really want to do this, but I thought some people might be interested in it.


Or, it could make getting the MS70CDR more desirable since you can add things that would be missing to make it a complete multi pedal, like Fuzz and compression, EQ, OD, etc…

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i know one zoom i bought was missing slapback, which i love. i was happy to get it back.


So, my search for a new DAI lead me to this device.
This might be sort of simple for a DAI, and probably not what I am going to end up with, but…

I was thinking, for somebody getting into this, and Zoom being such a great place to start, with say the B1-four, B1x-four, B3n, or even the MS-60b in some cases, if you know for a fact you will be making a pedal board soon, and want the experience with a multi unit I suppose.

So, do you think this would take it one step further.
It says it can do any of the G5 and B3n effects. it may be more limited in the amount you can chain, and pre-sets and all?
It might require the use of the Guitar Lab software, being not as “out of the box” as one of those other products, BUT since it has the DAI also built in, I am curious if this, for $99, could be the best thing for a newbie to start with since they can play with effects, and build limited pedal chains, AND get the ability to go directly into a DAW like Garage Band or Audacity (on the free side of things and good beginner level DAW)

Like I said, first time I have stumbled across it, and was thinking for somebody starting out, kind of to kill 2 birds with one stone and get the effects and recording ability, starting out?

Plus it is a Headphone Amp, WITH AUX in.
I can’t tell for sure how many effects you can chain, I did see somewhere it was 4 that you can save in the software.
anybody know more? I mean instead of getting a
1-VOX or NU>X Headphone amp
2-Zoom B1-four
3-Zoom U-22 or similar
Seems like this fits the bill


Avoid. The knobs and displays are fake and don’t do anything. It just takes presets.

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Good to know.
This could help somebody making a mistake thinking what i was thinking.
Probably why they don’t clearly state about patches and stuff like that.

I mean, you can load it with anything from GuitarLab and tweak it in the software. And the displays may mirror that (I’m not sure). But the knobs and switches on the thing are fake.

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Kind of defeats some of the purpose for somebody wanting to get it, and put it in stomp box mode and learn effects.
This is why I thought it would be good for somebody starting out.
Yes, they could do it in the lab, but not really the real effect that would be most helpful to a beginner.

Yeah, it gives options for DAI, in a very limited way, and a headphone amp, but I don’t think it would be a better option then the B1-four.

Basically Zoom needs to put audio interfaces back ins to the bass multieffects. The guitar ones (G11 and I think G5n) have it; the B3 had it; no idea why the B3n and B1four don’t.


Did they have DSP also, that is cool, and sucks they took it out.
But was it full DAI, or was it DI and you still needed a DAI?

G11, G5n, and B3 all had full DAI. B3 and G11 also have DI, not sure about the G5n.

B3n, G3n, B1four and G1four have neither.

B3’s are cool. B3n was an upgrade for model quality and processing power but otherwise a downgrade.


@howard @T_dub @PamPurrs or anybody else who has used one.

Can anyone comment on the loudness and sound quality of the headphone out on the Zoom B3, B3n, and B1 Four. And any comparisons between them if you’ve used more than one.


It was okay. The B1on had kind of a muffled quality when using 'phones compared to going in to a line in, was probably underdriving my headphones. I don’t remember with the B3n other than it worked.


I didn’t have any problem with loudness. I used this to do the B2B course, with the Ipad connected to the Aux in, and then played the bass clean in bypass mode. If you use an empty patch, you can max the volume. I think that works in bypass, but can’t be 100% sure.
you could also make a an empty patch with a Booster or Pre-amp and max the sound out EQ to your preference.

I have used both B1-four and B1x-four