Zoom effects processors

I never plugged phones into mine, so I can’t help you.


I’ll give them a try in my B1four today @eric.kiser


New Boss multieffects box out. Has reamping built in, really nice input and output options and flexibility.


Oh damn, that has to be a pretty penny.
I am off to read about them, the RC-5 alone is gonna be spendy I am sure, RC-3 is $100


Holy crap
24 simultaneous effects.
This is a pedalboard.
If it has every Boss pedal made, this is a goldmine. As long as you get all revisions of the pedals, so like you can have the RV-3 and the OC-2, that would be sweet.
If it has an effects loop, so you can add any new pedals they release afterwards, then it is pretty much all you would ever need.

Not that I am gonna sell off my pedals and get this, but WOW, the possibilities, it could be REALLY fun, once they get all the kinks ironed out, in a few years.

Yep, not one, but two FX loops, full midi control, IR loading, there is a damn lot you can do here.


It’s basically a smaller version of this:

Kind of illustrates the gap between the entry level units (Zoom, Boss GT-1B, etc) and the next level (this thing, Line 6 Helix, etc).


Yeah, it seems very well designed, so you can run it with everything you already have, and or would want to add.
Instead of deciding between a multi FX unit and a pedalboard, its like you can start with this and still build the ultimate pedalboard around it.
Sure, you can do that with most of the multi fx units, but there is more of a trade off, and then you can use them in limited function on a pedalboard, or use pedals in limited function with the big unit.
This seems to just fill the gaps that others may have not yet been able to do.
Still not getting one, but if I were a touring pro, and had a full show to coordinate, I could see this being very useful.


yeah I would definitely prefer that form factor over the original, for just that reason.


Plus, all things considered, $699 is pretty reasonable. once they hit used market, maybe $450 or so? not a huge chunk when you consider all it can do.


How is the envelope filter on the zoom?


Where do you guys put your Zoom B1 Fours?

Recently my practice space turned more and more into a really creative corner of the house.

With the recent introduction to online jamming I am trying to set my gear accordingly.

For me the most useful functions on Zoom B1 Four has been:
-Drum machine
-mixer(kinda with the aux input)

I couldn’t get much into the effects other then one time I learned hysteria-Muse and recently trying out compression effects.

Since I got my amp I go
bass - >Zoom B1F - >amp(preamp part) - >mixer (adding mic here) - > audio interface

But I have been thinking if I put the Zoom B1 four after the mixer (very unorthodox) I could benefit most of the features I rely on (drum machine, tuner, looper) and I could loop my mic as well! Also finally the drum machine won’t be amplified for nothing…

I am not so sure about the effects at this point and output of Zoom B1 is either mono or stereo and not balanced.

Also it would be on my desk which is great for knobs but not so much for looping (pressing a pedal with my hand)

There is also the send/return of my amp which I haven’t considered…

What do you guys think?