10 Songs That Taught Me Metal (Easy to Effin’ Hard)

Wanna level up your metal game? Here’s 10 songs that helped me suck less at the dark art of metal bass.

Check it out here*: https://www.youtube.com/@BassBuzz/videos

If you’re doing the Beginner to Badass course, you could nail the first 3 riffs by Module 6 or so. After that, I make no promises. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::metal:

All the metal bass tabs + sheet music -

Spotify playlist -

What’s your favorite metal bass riff you ever learned?

*PS - it turns out Youtube doesn’t reward ‘external views’ the same way, so I won’t be posting direct video links when I first start Youtube threads. It would help me a ton if you’d click the link to the Videos page and click in from there - you guys are the kind of high-quality views that signal to Youtube “this is a good video, I will show it to many bass enthusiasts, I am a good little AI”.


Just watched it and got to say you definitely picked some finger twisters there @JoshFossgreen .
Great video and it was a solid effort at the end you beautiful shiny haired bastard :joy::joy::joy:


Fantastic video. It’s been great to watch your video production skills get to this level over the last few years. You really worked in the imposter syndrome and humility in a charming and very human way. Really playing to your strengths here. Loved this one, well done.


“So if you don’t get your technique down, you will die [be fine].” lololooooolol

Ah, sh*t. Might have to do an Official Shownotes™ post for this one.


Excellent excellent and excellent.
The extra 1 week bass shred bonus level is so great.
Like a great 80s movie where you just gotta see that underdog make it to the top!!

thumbs up.


Very fun video. Metal does have some fantastic talent.

Find it interesting today that Nemophila did a short internet concert last night where they did a cover of Sugar (posted the show in the listening video). Twice I heard Sugar today which makes it a good day.

Also as I watched I noticed Haraguchi-san only used a pick, where she mostly uses fingers, but she wanted the extra attack and was more present in the mix. Which is something you mentioned.


I am taking this as an official signed contract.


Watching the video again, the slight criticism I have is the bands are all quite old. Slipknot is the only one from the 90s, Been a lot of good metal in the last 30 years too.


I don’t know why you have any sort of imposter syndrome @JoshFossgreen - you have all the proper band t-shirts :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Great video, not my kinda music jam thankfully though.


I thoroughly enjoyed this video. I liked the honest “video log” elements added in here as well, they provided valuable insight into the struggles and triumphs we all have.

@JoshFossgreen So, considering the video log was started 60 days prior to the recording of the video (and the fact that your call out for “iconic bass riffs” was not too long ago), I think its safe to assume that there’s another metal-themed video coming? If so, I’m looking forward to it, loved that last 30 iconic funk riffs one you put up, would be awesome to see a similar treatment for metal (and other genres).


Another great video Josh. Imposter syndrome sucks. Good on you for sharing it. Sharing things like that helps people just as much as your bass lessons do!


“If you don’t get your technique down, you will die.”

This could be the kind of motivation I need. Someone just standing there with a shotgun screaming “NOW PLAY BILLIE JEAN! PLAY IT OR DIE, MOTHERF****R!!!”


Great selection Josh, really cool. I throughly enjoy you also include your shortcomings, fears and failures. Other bass teachers just stare straight at the camera while playing intricate stuff and you often feel like a right amateur with no desire to continue. With videos like this, I still feel like an amateur but I’m having fun with it.


Totally! I just only listened to old metal bands when I was learning. Plus SOAD. :slight_smile:

Lol, just waiting for someone flame me for buying them online and not getting them at a real show 30 years ago.



We got you covered. Should you wear metal t-shirts?

If someone gives you crap just tell them Su-metal said it was okay.

Weirdly this was a big issue a few years back and it came up in interviews with a lot of metal bands.


you’re allowed to wear them as long as you can name at least three songs by the band on the shirt so you’re good


SOAD are formed 26 years ago, yet I also still consider them a “new” band. :rofl:

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SOAD formed in 94 when this song was a hit

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Oh god, my ears, my eyes, ze goggles do nothing!


Actually wasn’t this their hit?

maybe both I guess.

Yeah, classic '90s pop. It is what it is :rofl:

This is what I mean when I insist that pop is actually better now :slight_smile:

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