2020 Bass PreAmp Shootout

The Bass Channel is doing a Bass PreAmp Shootout with a large number of preamps. I thought this was such a cool idea that I’m starting a new thread for it. Each time a new one comes out I’ll post a link here.


Round One! Match One!

Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver vs. Darkglass Microtubes B7K Ultra

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Round One! Match Two!

Tech 21 VT Bass DI vs. Darkglass Vintage Ultra


Ooh. They should have started with SansAmp BDDI vs Behringer BDI-21 :slight_smile:

EHX Battalion is in Round One up against an EHX Metaphors. Will definitely watch that one.

This is gonna be a great chance to watch a lot of preamps. FWIW the tone I am doing right now on my board is very close to being like running both of these (the B7K and the BDDI) at the same time, with my Battalion and my BDI-21.

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I was thinking that before I even got to your post!
So . . .


Next up, Ampeg SCR-DI vs MXR DI+

I’ve owned a SCR-DI and so I am a bit biased but I would say the Ampeg wins for pure tone color (it sounds great) but the MXR sounds good too and its distortion is way, way better.

Specifically, the Ampeg just sounds worse in general with the Scrambler engaged, even lightly; the MXR still sounds just fine with its distortion engaged.

I’d hand this round to the MXR.

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@howard Thanks for posting this. I had to go out of town and couldn’t keep up.

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No problem!

One thing I would add to their shootout - I really did like the tone coloring from my SCR-DI a lot. It is not a neutral preamp; it sounds like a generic Ampeg preamp. If that is what someone is looking for, they should give it a go.