3D printed instruments and gear

I looked up what kind of 3d models to print of instruments and gear already exists and I was astonished at some of the products that exist out there. I don’t have much experience with building or repairing instruments but I thought I could be a an interesting little project to see what I could produce on my printer.

So I took a look around and there seem to exist models for following instruments:

A lot of useful tools:
Guitar Wall mounts
Foldable Guitar Stand
Lots of Picks/Pick Holder/Pick Keychain
Lots of Capos

I think I will try out the fully printable guitar or the ocarina first. Depending on how long a testrun would take for the guitar. Printing stuff is fun, but it takes hours upon hours and then there still may be something wrong with the result. It is only for the patient.


Wow, you have your own 3D printer, that is sooooooo bad ass.

Foldable guitar stands are always welcome, can’t ever seem to have enuf.


@juli0r it is only the opposite of a cnc machine. With a cnc machine you start with a block of wood and remove the bit’s until you have a bass. 3d printer and you start with a roll of filament and an empty space that you fill in the shape of a bass… :rofl:
:guitar: :slight_smile: :guitar:


I don’t get it. What does it mean?

I’m still curious about the fully printable instruments. I think anything flute/recorder/whistle like could actually get up to a good quality and also printing a body might be feasable.

Other than that I think it’s a fun project but it will never yield a result that produces a good instrument I think. It’s mainly curiousity and playing around.


Sorry @juli0r Tongue Firmly In Cheek = Making light of something.

“I can play Billie Jean @ 180bpm” TFIC as an example :rofl:
:guitar: :innocent: :guitar: