5 String Basses Suck for Beginners (7 Reasons)

So’s buying another bass :wink:


I cannot argue with this logic


Loved the video as per usual. They are getting very slick now :slight_smile:

Ive only played 4 strings overall but i did borrow a 5 string for a few weeks once, and it just broke my mind, in a bad way. I just couldnt pick it up and “settle” anywhere on it. Got some interesting riffs just noodling, but had to leave it after a while as it was starting to make me unlearn stuff in order to progress.

Which freaked me out a little, as it made me feel i still have a long way to go on 4 string yet. When i did pick up a 4 string again it was, “ahhh, thats better”

Maybe one day!


As always the one and only @JoshFossgreen makes learning something easy and fun. Great new video. I gave up on my 5, stripped the frets, changed the bridge and made a bead fretless monster.
I’ve yet to find a 5 with with enough spacing for my sausage fingers…maybe if i was better with that damned evil pick.


I’m late to the party, but I’ve put a .110 E on a bass that came with a .130 B and it worked out. May not always and it was a $200 Ibanez Mikro lol, but it worked🙃

That said, plastic nuts are inexpensive and you can slot them with a set of cheap diamond files and sections of the string itself to finalize it.

China (Ali Express) has them for $400 :eyes: lol…


I’ve got short fat sausage fingers and i still love my gwb35 fretless with 16.5mm spacing. Still lots of room compared to a guitar :slightly_smiling_face:


I wish. There was a crush injury to the plucking fingers many years ago.so They are essentially ruined for playing. I still try my behind off, though.


Keep on keepin’ on, man.

Heart, soul and groove always win.