50 First Songs 100 Week Challenge

Have also added an Apple Music playlist if anyone is interested. Might have been done before, but could not find it in the thread. https://music.apple.com/gb/playlist/bassbuzz-first-50-songs/pl.u-qxylKgDC2XJr02g


Just to clarify, as one of the people who contributes the “extras” for the challenge (bassless version, song links, etc):

Even though @JT is posting the threads for the songs in advance, the “extras” for all those songs aren’t there as of now. I still consider my deadline for contributing the “Extras” to be the date that the song is “scheduled” according to the first post in this thread.

That said, the extras are there for up to Song 16 as of right now, and most likely, most songs will be posted early, but I’m not going to try to create the entire series of extras immediately in order to keep up with the new postings…

Obviously, if anyone else wants to contribute the “extras” ahead of time, that’d be welcome too. :slight_smile:

Just hoping to clear up any “Where are the files?” confusion…


Thanks so much for putting in this massive effort! And I hope life will get less hectic and we’ll see and hear you more often again at some point.


Is there a “schedule” somewhere for those who want to try to stick close to it? Will all the songs up, going to be hard to know what the “focus” song is. I can make one if someone tells me where we are now.


The original post has the schedule!


It is in the first post in this thread, but here is a link to a nicer spreadsheet version. The dates in it are the dates I would open the thread.


@JT You, sir, are a machine. Thanks for keeping up with all this.


I mentioned elsewhere that one of my other hobbies is beer brewing :beer:. Well, today I brewed a nice little Czech Pilsner and had Josh’s BassBuzz First 50 songs on Spotify as my brewing playlist https://open.spotify.com/playlist/418dKXgR5Bm0V9qO2BJL9B?si=8b58a4ca02c046ad At the end of the playlist Spotify did what it does and created a further playlist based on the original. That was a total cracker and I highly recommend ‘chugging’ through Josh’s playlist so you can get Spotify to algorithm you up!