5G explained

I find this rather concerning


I was hoping we could avoid politics here, but I guess it’s bound to happen :frowning_face:


You’ve obviously only read the title on the vid, and not watched it. Not that you’re obliged to of course.
I don’t remember mentioning politics myself either - only 5G

Sorry I saw Trump and just assumed it was politics.

Did you do that sort of thing when you were a magazine editor?

Yeah . . . as if we didn’t have enough to worry about already, @Mark_D

At least 5G didn’t cause Covid-19 :slight_smile:

Cheers, Joe

I never said I wanted you to worry about it. Quite the opposite - I want you to walk blindly into it and sign up for it hook line and sinker without a care in the world.

It’s got something going for it then. Hoorah :+1:

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I’ve been retired from the media since 2005 when the political climate was not as volatile as it is today. I’ve already apologized for jumping the gun, there’s no need to continue hammering me about it.


I’m going to gracefully excuse myself from the lounge and go back to focusing on bass topics.


That’s a bit strong.

Not really.

I have read, literally, every post on this entire forum. This is our first recorded example of trolling.

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Would that be right?

I’ve just switched my computer on to apologise to @PamPurrs for ‘getting on her case’ which was a tad unreasonable - and I do - Pam I apologise.

But now I have your input to deal with as well.

From my side the story goes something like this.

I’ve seen a vid that explains what 5G actually is, and I’ve found it alarming so I’ve passed it on to friends etc.

Then I’ve posted it on here in what I consider to be the most suitable section of the forum.

Then Pam has made a remark about the vid being political, which she obviously hasn’t even watched due to the time between the posts.

Then I have made a polite reply to her, highlighting this.

All good and tickety boo.

THEN @Jazzbass19 pipes up with his twopennyworth, which really got my back up. So now, within minutes, I’ve got two different people taking issues with a post I’ve made.

THEN Pam comes back with her reply to my reply, which I then replied to from an agitated (by @Jazzbass19 ) position.

It seems reasonable at this juncture, to point out that this section of the forum was actually created/instigated by @Jazzbass19 , and his stated purpose for it was . . .

So as far as I am concerned, I have created a topic in a section of the forum which fits EXACTLY within the stated parameters of said section, and then, within minutes, two separate people – one of whom is the creator of said section - have taken issue to one degree or another about it.

Now you have popped up with your views, calling me a troll, when in my view, the only trolling going on is from @Jazzbass19 who is in fact trolling his own creation, at the same time as actually ‘liking’ the post lol.

Also in my view, perhaps it would be a JOLLY SPIFFING IDEA to edit the stated purpose of this section to give it some sort of ‘safe space haven type posts only’ parameters, which restrict it to people posting innocuous stuff like pictures of their dogs etc, and also rename it something like ‘Snowflake’s Corner’.

Have a nice day.

Oh and do feel free to sign up to 5G without a care in the world for your personal privacy or National Security.

@Mark_D Very good video. Shocking but not sensationalist. Thanks for posting



communication is a tricky business - especially in written form since most of our communication IRL happens non-verbally (i.e. body language, facial expressions, etc), which we only can approximate in a very poor way using emojis. Add to that the diversity of cultures, backgrounds, personality types in here and I hope you can agree that communication in a written international forum is always going to be less than perfect, and thus prone to misunderstandings.

Thus, a golden rule I try to apply as much as I can in fora is: Give the other person the benefit of a doubt! Ask yourself: is this person really trying to lash out, insult me, be nasty? The answer (in particular in the Bassbuzz forum!) is 99 out of 100 times NO! Then, the conclusion must be that there was an unfortunate misunderstanding (of contents, intent, tone, …), which can be due to a) the other person’s use of words, improper choice of words (e.g., because of language barriers), lack of use of emojis to moderate/support the intended tone of the message etc, or b) my own less than clear and polite phrasing and choice of words, or c) both of the above.

Point in case: I cannot, for the life of me, understand why @Jazzbass19’s comment would aggravate you!? Of course, I have to accept that it happened, and that is unfortunate. In my interpretation of what @Jazzbass19 said, he was actually confirming your views and agreeing with you, and his comment was more of a sigh expressing a certain “surrendering acceptance” of all the things life is throwing at us right now. At least, this is my interpretation (you can see how tricky this already is). In any case, he was not expressing annoyance for the messenger, but merely for the message (an important distinction)!!

I think we should all strive hard to keep this the best place on the internet to talk bass and music (and occasionally dogs, photos and bikes; but rarely politics, religion, …(not because we are snowflakes, but because nothing good comes off it, and because there are plenty of other venues for discussing these topics))!


Yes but what did you have for breakfast though?

YES INDEED, you certainly did just that :+1:

@Mark_D, I was not in any way saying anything against what you posted :slight_smile:

In fact , I am also concerned about this 5G issue. Perhaps I didn’t make that clear in my response. It just seemed to me that with all the concern about Covid-19, we have yet another issue to worry about. :slight_smile:

Sorry if you misinterpreted what I was trying to express.

Cheers, Joe

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Yes, you expressed it better than I did to @Mark_D above, @joergkutter! :laughing:

We’re all in this together and we’re all here to have fun.

I certainly hope that we can ALL put this minor misinterpretation to rest and continue with stimulating non-bass guitar conversation here in our “lounge”. . . :wink:

All best regards to everyone,


Thanks and no worries Joe xx


Pity that 5G isn’t owned by a company. It’s a modulation type.
I’ve never seen a greater heap of garbage attributed towards a modulation technology in my life.
What happens in China is due to their authoritarian government. It has nothing to do with a method of using higher frequency, higher bandwidth, lower distance technology.

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It’s a pity that 5G isn’t owned by a company because it’s a modulation type?
Is that what this sentence means?
Why is it a pity that 5G isn’t owned by a company (because it’s a modulation type)?

What does this sentence mean in English?

So are you saying here, that 5G should just be rolled out in the west, with no consideration whatsoever toward it’s implications upon personal privacy and national security - and that’s because China has an authoritarian government, which has nothing to do with a method of using higher frequency, higher bandwidth, lower distance technology. ?

I’m trying hard here, to extract some sort of meaning - any kind of meaning at all - from your post, but I’m really struggling.