6 string bass, Opinions

So I own and play a early 2000’ Peavey Fury VI 6 string bass. And what started out as an “I’m going to just fool around on this” Turned into a " this is my life now" situation. Due to having so many more options for hitting notes.

But tonight after about 3 days solid of playing nothing but the 6 string to adjust to the fret board, the new note placements on the new strings, and just generally grooving. I decided to pick up my Dean and play a few songs. I have to ask if anyone ells has ever done this? I used to think a 4 string bass neck seemed pretty big. but after playing on the Fury for so long, I feel like a normal 4 stringer is tiny. like I could play the G string with my thumb from the top while fretting the E with my other fingers Tiny.

But in all seriousness, what opinions do you all have on 6 string Basses?


Hey @Mao, I tried to gauge how many 6-string basses we have here among the Buzzers a little while ago, see here: Sixers unite!

However, I couldn’t get anyone to 'fess up about them owning a 6’er :neutral_face: I assume there must be a handful, but apparently they are owned by the quieter bunch in here.

I have a Harley Benton BZ6000NT and, like you, my initial idea was to “fool around with it”, try to cope with 6 strings, see what is possible with the extended range, and maybe get going on learning chords on the bass. The big challenge (and exercise opportunity) is the muting, of course!

In any case, it is great fretboard training to practice on a 6-string, and, yes, everything feels so much more doable/reachable on a 4-string afterwards :smile:


Hi Joerg, so I’ll fess up. I have a SRFF806 and I love it. It is a little lighter than my BZ6000NT and I have put flat-rounds on it. Like me the SRFF is a little odd but cool. I am just starting as a bass player and it definitely makes for some muting challenges. When I grab my older ESP 4 string I am amazed at the thin but fast little neck on it.
We are the bottom enders and that “B” is often nice to have. Some day I too will venture into chords and put the “C” in the game as well.
Namaste, Kevin Tough


That’s the spirit, Kevin!! :wink:

That is one with fanned frets, right!?! Oooh, you have to show us pictures - either here, or in the other 6-string thread, or in the “show us your basses” thread!!

How are you getting on with the fanned frets??


All this 6 string talk is killing me. Please stop. I’m beginning to feel GASsy.


Hehehehe… you want one!

So, do what I did - get one that is relatively affordable (400 $) and consider it an investment in your bass education :smile:


Found the perfect ba… uhm instrument for you, @PamPurrs!!

He even goes “arco” on that thing!!

(Well, he actually also goes “bat-o” on it, too - that is only for people with strong nerves, though) :scream:


I love his channel. Both him and Rob Scallion.

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Those are great :grin:

Great bass faces, too!!


That’s a crazy instrument!