A 5'er dilemma

As I sit and wait for the BB735A I have on order at Sweetwater to come in (maybe) November, my inner bass demon guy is saying “get a J-J 5er, not a P-J 5er”.

I put the order in for the Yamaha to lock in the price before the increase and get in line, but the more I play my 4 string combos, the more I feel like I want a J-J in a 5 string, not a P-J.

This is based purely on a gut feeling with no rhyme or reason to it, other than I think I like the tonal options of a JJ better on a 5.
Going to slog around a bit to try to find some decent strings to try but slimmer than slim pickins.

So, pros/cons of PJ vs. JJ 5 stings in your own opinions?


Having owned both I prefer P/J to J/J in all situations, so I got nothing for you here :slight_smile:


I have owned a few P/J fivers, including one fretless, but have never owned a Jazz fiver (assuming that’s what you’re referring to). I always liked (still do) the ability to turn a knob and go from precision sounding, to jazz sounding (this applies to my 4 strings as well).
I sure loved my BB735 so I say hold out for it.

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On a side note. When you get round to publishing it (hot on the heels of Geddy’s excellent tome). I’d like to put in an advance order for John’s Big Beautiful Book of Bass :wink:


My 5-string was a J/J. If I planned to slap much, maybe I would like them better, but really I just love the increased versatility and power of a P/J over a J/J. YMMV.

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@Al1885 and @TNKA36 for sure have way way more than me…currently…

Now a Super Big, Sultry & Beautiful Book of Sax and Bass - I might have one of those in me.


Do you like to play 5 strings? For the longest time I only play 5 strings but now I identify myself as a 4 string player.

Not sure if I’ll be acquiring anymore 5 strings.


If you need a ghost writer, I know a guy :sunglasses:


If versatility is what you want, a 5 way switch comes to mind. SBMM has it, you can get a used Fender


The new Player Plus do look interesting for Jazz; don’t know why they didn’t make a PJ.

I am moving more towards PJs

I had a TRBX305 but wanted an upgrade so sold it. I’d like one 5 string just for fun…and that low B!


One oh yeah go for it. I have 6 they are fun. It’s not what it used to be. Most songs nowadays are product of 4 string p bass or jazz bass.

I’d go for the multi scale Ibanez. The headless one is nice. Goni or go home right?


It depends on what kind of sound you like, what kind of music/style you plan to play and what kind of neck you like if they’re different. It’s a tough one… Of the 2, I would be inclined to take the JJ as I find a PJ to generally be a worse version of both a Jazz or precision bass. My personal preference though for a 5st is something like a TRBX605, but that’s just me :slightly_smiling_face:

As my 2, 5st basses sit here mostly unplayed right now, supplanted by a lowly pbass. So sad :sob: lol


If I were to get another 5 string it would be something like a Spector or a Ibanez hopefully with bartolini pickups and preamp.

Knowing you I’d probably get a half wat decent Spector with nice quilted burst color then put 2 Delano xtender or make it a split p xtender and a big quad at the bridge. That would be a fun bass to kick around.

That said I’d look for a used killer B or growler 5 strings even a renegade. Tobias has one of the best feeling asymmetrical neck especially for 5 strings. Most already have bartolini pickups and they made to last.

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Go double humbucker on a 5 string :metal:


Excellent life advice in general - double-buck is my favorite overall configuration :slight_smile:


I don’t think the tone of the P bass suits a 5 string or anything lower than an E string. It’s like muddy and muddier. A J or PJ will be more suitable because then you’ve got the bridge pickup to lighten it a little when you play lower than E on the B string.


Yeah I’m leaning away from the P pickup at all. It sucks that it’s impossible to try these things before buying.

I’m game for even going high end and waiting a bit, but again, hard to play test.

I’m hoping the yammy doesn’t come in early and I get to the Sweetwater showroom in Nov (work trip out there) first to check as many as I can first. I also have a work road trip across NYS in October and have mapped out shops with a few here and there along the way.


Nope. :wink:


Oh yeah.

A standalone P might get kind of thick and dark that low, though I am betting lots of metal bands rock BEAD P’s. Some probably in Drop A :slight_smile:

You’ve never heard a low B on a P/J, I take it :rofl:

P/J 5’s sound amazing.

But double-buck would be my choice were I doing it again.

Kind of bummed I don’t still have a recording of my Streamer LX4 in BEAD. It’s a P/J.

Here’s my Streamer LX5 (J/J):

Personally I think that sounds good, but a little thin (my usual problem with J/J vs P/J). Picture that with a richer tone behind it and much more oomph and that’s close to the LX4’s P/J tone.

The Streamer is a naturally very bright bass so kind of perfect to avoid some of the low end mud you might get with low B on a straight P I guess.

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Yeah, try getting the Lee Sklar signature bass left handed. They’re not interested.