Advice on a better recording method please

Wanted to try it again on my Ellefson signature
this time. I know I did the bridge differently I was
just messing around with it.
Any tips on making these better sound wise
please I welcome constructive criticism. At the
moment I’m basically having the track go
through my BT speaker amd having my bass a
tad louder so I can hear any flubs.
Today marks the 1 year mark when I did
Countdown to Extinction and decided to improve
my playing instead of relying on others. We all
know where that gets you


How are you recording your sound now? Phone mic?

By far the best (and simplest) method to get good quality will be ignoring the amp and running the bass direct in to an audio interface; there’s many options.

We have a few threads about this; one popular one is here:


Yeah later Ill post my meager recording gear.


No comment on the recording, but Let’s Go Flyers!

That bad huh

Lol. Just no useful info to contibute…

You basically need a device that can record bass track, audio track and video.

I’m using Zoom Q8N 4K right now but you can use your iphone/ android to record video as well as using audio track from the phone by a product like Roland GoMixer Pro, or the JoYo MoMixer.

The benefits of using these kinds of interface is simplicity. You don’t have to sync audio with video it’s pretty much shoot and go.


I am preparing my first cover (yay!) and plan to do this:

  • Create a bassless track with RipX
  • Play that track via my notebook/DAW.
  • Audio: record me playing my bass “clean” (no effects, bass track only) using my notebook/DAW and an audio interface.
  • Video: record me playing bass and try not to look stupid (on my mobile phone)
  • Merge bassless song with my bass track and add efects to that in my DAW
  • Merge and sync the resulting audio with the video in a video editor.

That does make sense, right?


Seems sensible enough, but - from my own experience - I would avoid having to sync audio and video coming from two different “sources” (devices). What @Al1885 suggests is the “simplest” way to do that.


Yeah, you just want me to buy more gear :slight_smile:

I feel quite comfortable, editing video, so that’s no issue.


I am not questioning your video editing skills, or your threshold for pain :wink: The problem is that, e.g., the iPhone captures video with variable frame rate (VFR), which mens syncing it to an audio track with a fixed clock is challenging…


No worries - I have a proper & manly Android phone :slight_smile:
VFR is a thing on iPhone? That would be very strange! You don’t mean VBR (Variable Bit Rate)??

I have synched A/V many times in non-bass related setups, so I don’t ecpect issues.
Also, my bass playing is not in sync with the music anyway, so it can only improve things ^^




Get a direct box. It can act like a splitter between your recording gear and amp, so you can play through the amp, hear what you do, and send the signal to your computer at the same time.

Then you can record with your computer webcam and audio by using a DI and some recording software.


@Al1885 how bad is the low light recording with the zoom? i have heard differing opinions.

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Yeah, my video editing kung fu was not good though I’m now quite comfortable with syncing the audio with video, my style of cover videos would take up a lot of time, in addition to how long it already take. However, each of my recordings on Zoom, I have all of the tracks I separated files anyway.
Ch 1 mixed
Ch2 bass only
Ch3 audio only
Ch4 room mic, or whatever attachment I chose on the zoom

Yeah just extra work on each video. I usually make my covers with 4 basses, editing alone provides plenty of fun for me already :joy:


Syncing audio to video is something that many editors can do automatically now, and even if not it isn’t too hard. Plus there’s always the clap/transient technique. The GAS version of this would be to buy a clapperboard :slight_smile:

Basically as long as you record the audio with both the DAW and the camera, syncing and then removing the original audio track should not be too difficult.


It’s well I don’t know actually. I’ve never recorded in low light only in the dark wit black light. It’s pretty good and the colors are pretty good. Check this out. I switched between the light and dark. I recorded his when I got my space bass.


Thanks for all the input guys. Gonna experiment tomorrow I can plug my amp to my interface. Record through the laptop audio and video. Just figuring out how to insert the track im playing with into the mix.