Amp Settings beginner

Hi all. Beginner here, I recently bought a Rumble 25 Fender amp and I’m not quite sure what settings to have it on. Ive tried playing around with it but can’t seem to find a good setting. I would appreciate some pointers please.

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I would leave them flat for now, in the 12:00 position. I can spend all day chasing tone, and I know because I have, but most of your tone comes out of playing, and your fingers, and the time is better spent on practicing. Your tone will change as you get time on the instrument.

So I wouldn’t focus on tone now. Just my 2 cents

Welcome to the community by the way. I’m an old curmudgeon so I hope I said that right.


I’ve been playing for over three years and my amp is still set to noon 99% of the time.


I started this thread a while back. I hope it can help. How To Adjust Your Bass and Amp Sound