An introduction

hi all, I just wanted to introduce myself a sorta talk about why I chose to learn bass. my name is mari and im 21 from California, and i never really thought about playing an instrument in my life but my partner is a really good guitarist and said that bass might be a good outlet for me. so I bought a bass, its a squier jazz bass and im planing on upgrading the pick ups soon. I haven’t been practicing as much as I need to and im hoping being active in this forum will hold me accountable and make me improve. I hope I can make some friends along the way as well.


Hi, @sailormari.

Consider posting your intro in this new member welcome thread:

More folks will see it and will be happy to welcome you to the fam. :wink:

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Welcome in! The forum is a great place to learn things and get encouragement. Start playing something easy and grow from there. I started with Rolling Stones “Almost Hear You Sigh” as my first song, the bass line is prominent and easy to follow.

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