Android app for interval ear training?

hey ! well everything is in the title : I’m searching for a simple android app for interval ear training, but strangely I don’t find the right stuff. Do anyone have a recommended app ? I need it to work offline, and it would be great if it could be free :slight_smile:

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Don’t know about Android, but @JoshFossgreen had made me aware of a web-based learning platform for these kinds of exercises:

I think they also have apps, but probably only for Apple phones…


yeah, there are some links in the M16 lessons, those web apps are great but I’d like a similar app (mostly for intervals) on my phone to train on my “lost time” :grin:


Wouldn’t they work on a web browser on your phone?? :wink:


In fact no : I need an offline version because I don’t have 4G on my phone :sweat_smile:

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Oh, wow… I thought you said somewhere you were an IT engineer!?!

OK, next top priority item on the to-do-list:

  • get new phone (5G ready)!!

Sorry, I couldn’t be more of a help!


true ! and I’m almost always near a computer with internet connectivity so I don’t really need/want internet on my phone :slight_smile: … except maybe when I’m stuck in traffic (which is pretty rare) and want to do some interval ear training :grin:


I got into ear training a couple of years ago and tried every Android app that I could find. Unfortunately, I can’t recommend any free ones, but two that are quite affordable and easily worth their price.

By far my favorite is Complete Ear Trainer. I think it’s a one time purchase for not even $5, and it’s worth every penny. It’s super fun, sounds good, looks good, and feels good - except when you’re painfully failing to tell perfect fourths and fifths apart in level 1. :wink: The dev is also a very cool dude.

Another great app is Functional Ear Trainer. Not sure about the price these days, but it shouldn’t be too bad, either. It takes a completely different approach to ear training, in that it teaches you to recognize different degrees of scales whereas Complete Ear Trainer is (for the most part) strictly intervals and chord types. In the end, I found the combination of both approach extremely helpful.


Thank you @Streck0 for the lead on those apps. I’ll check them out.

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