Any sexy new basses you've got your eye on?

That is pretty good though…can tell it’s being adjusted, but it still works within the song…damn that is tempting. I sing in one song I made for my wife…it isn’t HORRIBLE but nothing to brag about lol.

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Interesting. What part can you tell is adjusted? Oh I should mention - the “Oohs” a register up are synthesized, that’s not my singing.

You should try their free trial, it’s pretty cool.

I suppose it’s just an ear thing. I play live with an unadjusted singer a lot, and in studio we touch up here and there…so I can hear the actual difference. It isn’t “noticeable” unless it’s something you are specifically listening for. It’s a slight tonal thing, really weird lol. It’s also used by basically every pro, so it’s not anything to worry about.

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One sure giveaway is that nearly no one actually sings with perfect pitch. The software lets you keep things detuned a bit if you want but I figured, nah and slammed everything to dead on :slight_smile:

Yeah, no worries man. I damn near can’t sing at all. In a very specific register where I don’t have to change to many notes I can do okay! Past that I’m going off pitch noticeably.

I made a new topic for this so we can stop derailing this one :slight_smile:


Nice bass!

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i want the Mikey Way Squier Mustang bass
it aint new but its still purrty


It is standard on EBMM Sterling 4 strings.
And on the SBMM Ray 4 and Ray24
But I like the SLO = San Luis Obispo, I should have been able to figure that one out however. :blush:


Hah, I didn’t figure it out either. I saw it in a thread on the EBMM forum :grin:


I feel I should have gotten it however, because I have labeled Stingrays as MISLO before. D:UH


This just turned up in the classifieds here in Denmark: a Bacchus Woodline 5 - J-style, but with two very interesting pickups. The whole bass looks gorgeous; made in Japan. Not sure how old… Price for a new one apparently USD 3300; asking price is USD 1600 :joy:


Very nice Joerg👍 @joergkutter
Cheers Brian



Bacchus is definitely a legit brand, and is huge here. Owned by Deviser, a high end guitar company. Basically one of the really excellent Fender and Gibson cloners from way back, very high quality instruments. Been making great basses for a long time.

edit: found an english page with info.


If I were more of a “wheeler/dealer” (like @T_dub :wink:), I’d probably be buying this bass, alone for the fact that it is a rare one in this neck of the woods (and potentially also because it is a pretty good bass; and good-looking for sure)… Alas, as I have now already committed to a Sandberg, my bass budget is pretty maxed out and I’d better take it easy for a while :open_mouth:


Yeah I would probably rather have that Bacchus than any Fender. Looks like a great bass. The new Woodline 4-strings start from about $600USD here and go up to about $1500, for what it is worth.


Thanks! I would guess that the “cheaper” ones are perhaps not made in Japan, but somewhere in Indonesia? I think I read somewhere that they also have a less expensive line of models now, just like many other brands…


Not sure. I thought they were all MIJ but I could be wrong.

Also the top end ones are more than I thought, just saw a few for $2400.

From their web site it looks like aside from the lower end woodlines they have a few other budget lines in the $300-500 range. They claim the HANDMADE series Woodlines are all MIJ (they even say where) but they didn’t specify for the others that I saw.


The one I saw is definitely a HANDMADE one… but, oh well, another time perhaps :grin:


I’ll just send you my shipping address then??

What an amazing bass.