Anybody torn between learning guitar or bass?

I have a problem…lol!


Just choose both. I spent 3 years on drums, then bass this past year, and have a guitar hanging on the wall just waiting for me to finish the b2b course and get started on it also.


I think you’re asking in the wrong place :metal:

On a more helpful note, I tried learning guitar first and was really into playing single notes, when I got into chords I got kind of turned off.

Enter bass’ single note-oriented style + the fact that you can feel the bass in your BONES made it a no brainer for me. There being a deficit of bassists and a surplus of guitarists doesn’t hurt either in the playing in a band department.




Some of us have that problem.

So I bought a Guitar!


I just bought an ESP Ltd SC-607 in purple satin :eyes: It’s the signature model for Deftones guitarist Stephen Carpenter. Not why I bought it, but a purple baritone 7-string was just what I was looking for.

If only Josh would teach us guitar, too XD


Just learn both :slight_smile:

Head on over to, great teacher.

I find that practicing guitar improves my bass as well, and probably vice versa. Guitar is definitely more physically demanding (for me anyway).


Why is it either or? I picked up a Gretsch and hope to do some blues on it


I agree! @JoshFossgreen you reading this? :laughing:


I don’t think there is anyone who hasn’t dreamt of being able to bang out the lead guitar riff on their favourite track at some point.

Me too, but I hear the gnarly bass line and that’s much more cool and appealing to me now to aim for.


Yes! Agreed! Thanks all for the responses! I probably should not have posted the! I have to deal with my own demons!
After I had Sold off my other bass still have one left to practice with. A 7 string Harley Benton. It is fun though! Thanks again!

@jimnyc2000 - I know you’re wrapping up this conversation, but oh it’s a fun question! :grin: I tried to learn guitar about 10 years ago and…just…no. Plus, I like the role the bass player has in relation to other musicians better.

With you on that. I was searching for bass backing tracks and found one for Nirvana’s Blew. Here’s the song with bass (just listen to the first 11 seconds):

Here’s the song with no bass:

“This is what hell sounds like” - YT commenter


Bleach is such a good album. I always thought it was their best.


So. Good. Dirty and gritty. The song that comes closest to that tone on Nevermind is Breed IMO. (I’m working on a cover of it but shhh don’t tell.)


just dl Bleach deluxe version. I hear it and I get it! Thanks!


Thanks for posting that @kristine , it is soooo good.


Haha, never gonna happen. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Just like guitar players can’t magically play bass well, it doesn’t work in the other direction either!

I’ll stick to playing guitar in secret where either nobody can hear me, or where I can do infinite takes to get things right. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I played guitar when i was a kid, before playing violin, trombone and bassoon. Then four years ago i started playing guitar again… i’m pretty good at it, i mostly like fingerstyle stuff but i never really loved it like a lot of my friends do. I’m glad that i finally decided to buy a bass because it’s totally my thing! Playing bass has made me appreciate/enjoy theory a lot more too, i hated it when i played bassoon and trombone, mostly because i didn’t really need it for anything when i was just playing everything from sheet music. I wish i discovered bass sooner :slight_smile: I still play some guitar, but mostly as a little break from playing bass when I’m looking for something different to do.

I feel like bass players do a better job of guitar than guitar players playing bass, who think it’s just a 4 string guitar with fatter strings :smiley:

I think it works both ways @sshoihet. I too played guitar for many years with Classical Guitar (not electric). I too play finger style on my guitar and banjo which is one of the reasons I also took up playing bass a couple years ago.

One of the things that I learned playing classical guitar was “finger feel” of both fretting and plucking fingers on the strings. Tones and variances in harmonics through how each of your fingers “feel” the notes plays into how you use your fingers to shape the sounds…. This for me is one of the major factors into a great bass tone.

Just my 2cents worth…:smiley::smiley:. Keep on Thumpin’!


That’s my method for all instruments :rofl: