Anybody use an Anthology strap?

I got a Gruv Gear SoloStrap and I generally like it, but it’s bulky. Seems thick and overbuilt.

I like the looks of the wide Levy’s strap, and it seems comfortable and functional, but I’ve never seen one up close and personal.

While researching strap alternatives, I ran across Anthology. Like Levy’s, it’s a leather affair, but it claims to be of premium quality. So does anybody have any first-hand experience with an Anthology strap, and, if so, is it worth its hefty price tag?

By the way, my aim is to have a single great strap, equipped with Schaller S strap locks, that I will use for all my basses.

Right now, my Gruv Gear SoloStrap is that one, and it’s OK. I do feel shoulder fatigue after a decent practice season, though. That’s why I’m in search of something better.

No, but I am a bit of a strap junky, and am looking at these now.
I find that high quality soft soft soft leather beats padding or width many times over, YMMV. The most comfortable I own is a Stinger Strap (they are also curved to fit your shoulder a bit better. They are very pricey though. The other amazing one is from Hangover Guitar Straps - inlay line.

What I can tell you is that if it doesn’t look soft or comfy in pictures, it probably isn’t (or at least won’t be for a decade or so).

Liking the look of Anthology. Check out Red Monkey too, looking at one of their vintage ones now.

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I have a Gruv Gear Dave Ellefson strap which is super comfy.

I also like Walker and Williams.

I also like Jeereal. I have a 3" soft leather and padded which is great for my hefty 6 string but more than I need for a svelte 4 string.

Straps are subjective so hope this helps

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The HangOver inlay straps look to be great. I take it the leather is supple and conforming from the get-go - no breaking in necessary, is that right?

If you had to go with just one of those you mention, which one would you choose?

All are great suggestions, but I’m trying to narrow down the candidates so I can buy once, cry once. In a good way.

I bought a W&W for my Charvel, and liked it so bought a second one for my MDB5. Only brand I have two of.

@John_E has one interesting to see his take

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SuppelEst! It is softest I have and I have about 20

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I like the ones I have but they are not the softest. They are quite good depending on the line. Some are crap.

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Damn, dude! You’ve got 20 straps?!

Tip of the hat! You, sir, are a true aficionado.

I got issues man.


I’m probably going to sell my GruvGear. It’s very good, but I just like my Comfort Strapp Pro Bass more.

I use Schaller locks so I only need one strap for all of my basses and guitars.


LM straps are nice! Sweetwater has em for a great price.

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Thanks for the recommendations. After checking out all the fine straps, I’m going to pull the trigger on an Anthology.

Mainly, I’m looking for comfort, and Anthology straps’ high-quality full-grain leather are reported to be soft and supple right off the bat. I dig Anthology’s understated design sense, too.

So, I’ll throw the dice and see if I’ve found The One.

For anyone following on at home, I received my Anthology Reticent strap in Carbon Black and it is friggin’ fantastic! Amazing full-grain leather, stitching and overall premium quality. But best of all…it’s crazy comfortable! No more discomfort or more shoulder pain when I play. Can’t ask for more than that.

Hey Mike, I got one too. and yes you are correct they are amazing.

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I got an Anthology Reticent strap for the Dark Queen, and I have to say I’m disappointed. It’s a high quality strap, but it’s very stiff, on par with the Walker and Williams offerings.

Maybe a one off but I’m not impressed

I’m not sure what the deal is with the one you got. I bought mine from Amazon and it is floppy-supple and soft. I’d contact Anthology, if I were you, because what you describe is just not the way it should be. It might have been stored poorly, or something else.

“Soft and supple is usually not better in most cases.”

I did send them feedback, they said stiff was okay, give it some time to break in, but that they wanted all customers to be happy and would take a return or exchange if I wasn’t.

If nothing else they have good customer service.

Also got some spiel.

“We use only full grain leather, this is the best type of leather you can buy. It is the strongest, most durable leather. Not only will it last longer, but it distributes weight better than other leathers. There are very few full grain leather guitar straps on the market. In fact, some of the very few others claiming to use full grain leather are not actually using it (they copied our descriptions but use less desirable leathers). We also build into all our straps a high density foam padding in between the layers of full grain leather on the top and bottom. This does add a bit to the “stiffness” but also adds much more comfort than straps not containing this padding. Few other guitar straps have this type of padding.”

Soft and supple in a leather strap checks all my boxes just fine. I don’t notice the strap at all while I’m wearing it.

That said, money back sounds like a great option if you’re not satisfied.