Anyone else tried/using Yousician?

they say 10 thousand plus songs. I am more than happy with it, although I don’t need it to be a song I love to learn from it.


I think I’m going to try it. Almost done with B2B(first time around), planning on going through a second time, but need something else to do also…

I thought about trying it. But I never did. Will love to hear how it goes for you.

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almost everyone who has done it (including me) would recommend Mark at talking bass. either his chord tones or scales course (preferably both) are the logical next steps. be warned though that comparing these to Josh’s course is (whatever) to (opposite whatever). it’s a serious music school level deep dive, but it doesn’t go over your head.

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Thanks! Ive seen Mark’s stuff on YouTube. Ive been eyeing his theory courses too. I’m betting I will end up doing those at some point also.

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Thank you for a very well-thought out post that can help others get more out of Yousician. I agree with you, of course. Further, Yousician can be considered to be a “metronome with ears”. It can provide extremely helpful feedback. I mean, I love it that when I play without looking at the fretboard, Yousician tells me if I hit the right notes. Or not.

Actually, it can be considered to be a metronome without ears and also without mercy lol.