Anyone using the iRig 2?


I am starting to think about getting an interface to play in to GarageBand and ran across these:

It’s not an analog/digital converter in that it just takes the input and converts it to a Mic In 1/8" output that you then plug in to the computer or phone 1/8" microphone/headphone jack.

The other thing about it that is cool is it has a 1/4" output as well, and takes input from both the headphone jack too, which you can send to your amp. So you can use effects on your mac or phone live to your amp.

The price is awesome and it apparently has little to no latency, which is not super surprising as it is not a digital converter. Which really just means you are at the mercy of the built in converter on your sound card or phone, but apparently it works well with macs, per reviews.

Anyone tried it?


Are you planning on running it into your phone, or just your computer? If it’s just for computer use, I would probably get a real DAI (digital audio interface) instead, like

BUT maybe the iRig would make more sense with portability or ease of use, not sure! I’ve never really looked into those because I’ve had a home recording setup since before those came out.


I’m going to be using it with the computer so a real DAI would be preferable. I also realized just after I posted this that I can already do exactly what this thing does by just getting a 1/4" to 1/8" cable and using that with my Vox headphone amp (or my combo amp headphone out for that matter).

Edit: yep, just verified this works fine with one of the Vox amplugs connected to my PC sound card. And I didn’t even need a different cable because I had forgotten the Vox headphone out was already 1/8". A little noisy so a real DAI is a better bet I think, for real work, but this should be fun to play with.


My Vox Rocks! :slight_smile:


They are super cool little things, aren’t they? I used it exclusively for a while with my bass.

Note for others that want to try this, if you want to record to a mac using its headphone/mic jack as line in, you’ll need a headphone splitter cable and plug into the mic in. I haven’t tried this yet, I just did it with my PC. You will want to be very careful with line levels and so on - try with just the guitar and no amp. It’s a Mic in, not a Line in, so an amp would probably severely overdrive it.

On the other hand, PC sound cards or anything with a dedicated Line In port should work with normal 1/8" cables. Mine did anyway.

Really though - Josh gave good advice, a DAI is the way to go. I am definitely going that route.


Well done mate! Most people don’t try and buy into the idea an interface from the get-go. It is a bit of a con. A buffered pedal or any line level signal will do with the right cable. I use a Mac and never use either of the interfaces I own unless I’m recording a vocal track. The Mic pre’s are excellent for microphones believe it or not. Trade joke.


I gave in and ordered a Zoom U-24 :slight_smile:

Dedicated DAI really does seem like the best way to go long term. But for playing around, yeah direct in to the line in worked just fine for me.