Anything Similar to B2B for drums?

Partially inspired by my B2B lessons, my daughter wants to learn to play the drums, and we picked up a pretty good electronic drum kit reasonably on ebay (Alesis Nitro Kit-Model DM7X). Anything to pass the time nowadays, huh?

Can anyone suggest a program similar to B2B to help her learn? We saw Drumeo on YouTube, but it doesn’t seem nearly as structured. We’d appreciate any suggestions.



I talked to a drummer friend and he recommended two things. A free option and a pay option.

Free Option

Stick Work
You can Google all of these terms for more information

Play Singles

  • L - R - L - R - L - R - L - R

Play Doubles

  • L L - R R - L L - R R - L L - R R - L L - R R

Play Paradiddles

  • L R L L - R L R R - L R L L - R L R R - L R L L - R L R R

Play Triplets

  • L R [L] - R L [R] - L R [L] - R L [R] - L R [L] - R L [R]
    (accent the hit in brackets like this, left right LEFT - right left RIGHT)


  • (I’m going to let you Google this one if you wish. It involves using a grace note and I’m finding that difficult to explain simply)

These five stick movements are the foundation of the 26 primary drum rudiments.

He recommended not even using the drum kit for these initially. And stressed they should be played very s-l-o-w-l-y. The objective is to get both sides of your body working in time with each other following 1 - 2 - 3 - 4. Also, most of that can be played along with almost any song, commercials, background music to movies and TV shows.

Drum Kit Work
Four on the floor with accents on the snare.
Kick Drum plays 1 -2 - 3 - 4
Snare plays 1 - 3

  • 1 (Kick/Snare) - 2 (Kick) - 3 (Kick/Snare) - 4 (Kick)

Pay Option with Mike Johnston
My friends review was that he wished he had access to Mike 30 years ago. He could have avoided so many mistakes and time wastes. He also said Mike is the only person on the Internet he would be willing to give money to for drum lessons.

He says Mike is very straight forward, no bullshit, transparent about the realities of drumming, leaves his ego out of his lessons and has an unfortunate (bad? odd? messed up?) sense of humor.

I don’t know what all that about his sense of humor means. Apparently he tries to be professional, gets frustrated with himself and makes up new curse words to express his frustration.

I hope all this helps.


Let us know what you end up choosing for the drum lessons!

It would be nice to get suggestions for “Anything Similar to B2B for ________”

Drums, Guitar, Vocals, or any other music related lessons out there. It would be great if all musical lessons could just be like B2B, haha, but that’s probably wishful thinking!


We ended up going with a DVD/workbook option called Drumeo 2.0 that we got used. The current site looks like a more modern web based video version but the fundamentals have to be the same right?

My daughter seems to like it and she’s doing well; but for the life of me I can’t get her to go slow. She wants to go fast and then gets frustrated when she can’t learn a pattern. The impatience of youth…