Ariane Cap

Has anyone looked into Ariane Cap’s
Music Theory for the Bass Player - The Course
If so, what did you think?


I loved it…, still do. I read it cover to cover and now use it as a reference.

EDIT… sorry I thought you meant her book.

My answer is, if I wasn’t so involved with courses at TalkingBass I might try her course. She’s good, but I like Mark Smith better.


I don’t have the book but I know it is pretty highly regarded.


$50 on eBay and @PamPurrs mentioned the book once before. Perhaps a better investment than the next pedal I was looking at?


I too have her book and as @PamPurrs mentions, a very good source of reference… I’m not into theory as much as I probably should be, but most questions I have can typically be found within the covers. I did find the course portion of the book really boring though (I don’t like many book based courses).


Maybe @mac,… Then again, if it turns out that it isn’t a better investment then just throw it on the floor and stomp on it while playing Billie Jean!!:rofl::rofl::joy::joy:

Keep on Thumpin’!


Now there’s a plan @Griff :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Speaking of Ari…

Here’s a video of her on her 6 string bass, and Mark Smith (TalkingBass) doing a duet. They are both excellent players and instructors.


Nah, maybe after the next pedal


Is there such a thing as, “after the next pedal”?


I just got a copy of the book but haven’t jumped into it yet. Good to know it is well regarded here.


a next pedal


Actually, I am really close to done. I found what I think is going to be my Reverb pedal.
I have one more already coming to test, but I am pretty sure this will be it.

This is the web link to the MFG site


Looks awesome and only $66. I’ll be interested to hear your review.


Ariane is an incredible talent and knows her theory for sure. But if the course is like her book I felt personally that like many teachers she struggles occasionally with simplifying things for beginners. There were several times with her book that I really had a hard time following it.


Yeah, actually, I’m pretty close to done with my board I think. Nothing else I really need at any rate. I love every pedal I have.


I already love it.
The select / Save button in the center over the row of lights toggles between the 7 TYPES of Reverb. Each type has its own color.
Room / Hall / Church / cave / Plate / Spring / Modulate.

This, in and of itself, is pretty standard, except the toggle between them, and changing color.
So, the only thing standing out from other pedals, most with the same TYPES, is the presentation, and I am in love with it. For my tired eyes, that have not seen an eye doctor, and live off dollar store readers, it is great. Plus the 5 larger size nobs, all with a line across the top, and a dot at one end, you can easily see how they are set.

Very sleek, good looking, easy to read pedal, really is impressive.

THE ONLY THING LACKING that might annoy some, there is no writing to tell you what reverb type matches what light selected. Might bother some, but I already can recall the order, and I played with it for 30 min so far, and I am writing this 4 hours later, sitting in the tattoo shop, so its not a huge obstacle for me.


There is more…

When you dial in the sound you like for the type you have selected, you can press and hold the select button, and it saves them. Then when you switch types, you can tweak it in, without having to worry about how the last type was set.
When you recall a TYPE, it you move any nobs, tge light blinks, telling you something was changed, so you can decide weather to save it, or ignore.

It is easy to factory reset, in case you want to start from scratch.

You can easily turn TAILS on / off.

All in all, another great find IMO.

I have played with it, and I liked the results. I did not have time to do side by side face off with the Boss RV-6 yet.

And, when I get home around 10:30, I will have the POCKETVERB which has the same 7 types, with or without delay as well.

I already think I would like this over the Delay options, but ya never know. I cant rule any out without playing thru them side by side by side.

More to come…


So I don’t continue to hijack this thread, I will continue any reports here.
I have some to report, no tests yet, but a score card on the three pedals.


I signed up this a couple of months ago and find it challenging. It is a significant step up from B2B. I use it in alongside SBL Players Path and find they complement each other well.

Ariane is an interesting teacher; if teacher is the right word. She doesn’t so much as try and make you a better bass player but encourage you to find your own way to becoming a better musician. There are some parts of the course that are typical learning but there is also significant sections where the aim is for you to try things out and experiment. E.g. the groove and fill units. Her style won’t suit everyone but she offers a money back trail so you can test out the first few units risk free.


Thanks @daviesg66.

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