Atlanta Badass In-Person Support Group

Hey all! If you are in Atlanta and want to get together to talk–or dare I say–play bass together, let me know! I have been very slowly working my way through the course and would love to meet with other B2B beginners to troubleshoot and cheer each other on as we all improve! Playing solo is not terribly motivating for me, and I would appreciate the opportunity to connect with other local bassists in this program as a way to gain knowledge, connections, and light a fire in my motivation!



Welcome, @jene. Consider popping over to the Introduce Yourself! (2023) thread to tell everyone about your bass journey and goals.


Hi @jene,

Yesterday in the Zoom @cheeze_pizza mentioned being in the Atlanta area, maybe you guys can set something up.

I also recommend jam sessions - just be open about your skill level and feel out the vibe, if folks are welcoming, it’s a go! “You only need one note to be a bassist,” Victor Wooten said.




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Love it @antonio , thanks for keeping me in mind and for the intro to @cheeze_pizza! Unfortunately I haven’t had luck joining a lowkey jam yet, but my hopes are up! You’ve inspired me to try a couple different avenues I have been shy to try, so thanks! I’ll give them a shot. Rock on!

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:wave: @cheeze_pizza !!! Love the name, will continue to address you as such in person if you’re willing to get together! Maybe coffee to start? Or going to a live show and talking beforehand? No pressure at all, I know some people prefer to remain strictly online, and if that’s the case for you, I 100% support that. Truly. Just great to know there is another bassist going through this (and the city’s music scene) in the ATL! -Jené


@jene Have you tried hooking a computer/mp3 player up to your amp/headphones? Its a nice way to play alone, but still feel like playing with others. It works well for me at least. Otherwise, meeting up with other B2B players would be a great idea! Im curious how many other B2B learners are in Western Washington.


Yes I have, but that is a GREAT suggestion and I hope others are inspired to try it as well, thanks for sending that over!