Attack of the Lobster Claw

When focusing on my left hand and using different fingers on different frets, how do I avoid the dreaded lobster claw or my other fingers flying in every direction? Looking forward to your advice.


What I was told is to find simple exercises (Josh has one, Mark Smith has a few, there are books like Bass Fitness, etc) and go slow and purposful.
Simple and slow, the entire exercise is really to focus on telling each finger “ok dude, you are going to go from here to there, and no meandering about on the way there”. This is very slow and boring but once your fingers say back “oh thanks, THIS is what you want me to do? Got it brother” it will translate to other playing.

When practicing, actual practicing, try to work on things like this in very purposeful ways. Doesn’t matter what you play or if it sounds good, but how you play it, etc.

This and time…practice practice practice.


This video has the answers you seek…

5 Levels of Bass Finger Exercise (Beginner to Advanced)


In my experience the key is to relax your hand and use a light touch. When I’m tense and/or use too much force, my fingers start flying and there’s nothing I can do about it. The only solution is to relax.



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