5 Levels of Bass Finger Exercise (Beginner to Advanced)

Stop the flailing and buzzing with these bass finger exercises - what level can you make it to?

0:54 - Level 1: Fix Your Fretting
2:50 - How to Make This Less Boring
5:53 - Level 2: Ready Your Fingers
9:31 - Level 3: Fix Your Flying Fingers
12:08 - Level 4: Smooth Your String Crossing
14:54 - Level 5: Perfect Your Pressure
19:29 - What to Do Next

If you’re doing the Beginner to Badass course, this lesson would fit during Module 6 when we start to work your fretting technique more. And all these bass finger exercises will complement what you do in the rest of the course, big time.

5 Levels Recap

Here are all five levels written out as sheet music + tab, with fingerings:

Levels 1-3

Level 4

Level 5

Which “Level Goal” did you find the trickiest? I’m still working on Level 5, which is to use as little pressure as possible with the fretting hand. I get too excited sometimes! :man_dancing:


Where can I get some of that Bass Juice?


@JoshFossgreen , what is the drum loops app you mentioned for the Android? I couldn’t make out what you said, even after rewinding and replaying several times. Thanks

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I think there were some ZZZZZs in the name. :wink:

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I found it! It’s called “Loopz”. Thanks @PeteP

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Thanks for “grounding” me again, Master @JoshFossgreen! See you in a year or so…:wink:

Even for the area from the 9th to the 12th fret, I do microshifts, which seems to trigger more finger movement/flying than strictly necessary, or at least more than what you show here. That is going to bite me in the rear in the long run, isn’t it??!!


Nevermind, I found some in my fridge…


Anywhere green tape and Sharpies are sold. :yum:

Ugh yes sorry! Should have written it out on screen, it’s called Loopz: (it’s in the captions though!)

Just play with stretching gradually, it’ll happen!


I think the trickiest for me is that part in Level 4 where you’re descending, and when the pinky hits the 12th fret on the D string, the other 3 fingers simultaneously come down in ready position on their respective frets at the same time! (around 13:30 in the video) Man, that seems far off, and this video is going to make me re-assess my fingers for sure.

Realistically, I’m around level 3, with removing fingers without too much flailing to work on first. And level 2 needs a bunch of refinement first! This is a new way to look at things for me, instead of my “one note at a time” approach so far - thanks for the push Josh - I can’t say this will be my favorite thing to practice, but I’ll throw it into the mix :slight_smile:

Good retro gamer references in the video too :space_invader:


Excellent video!


Good video, Josh . . . great ideas for practice, too. :slight_smile:

I’m definitely at level 2 and hadn’t thought much about leaving fingers on the frets in between fretting until now. I’ll start including these drills as part of my practice sessions.

Thanks, Joe


I’m basically level 3 with a good start on 4. That’s when I run in to Pinky Treason.