B2B...and nothing else!

Afternoon from Scotland,

Here is a question for you all, I have currently just started module 3 on B2B ,first bass (actually first instrument!) and my question is this; if I did the course from start to finish with nothing else, no trying to learn a song from YouTube,a friend or from Tab where would I be playing wise at the end of it?


You will know much about many necessary fundamentals, including proper technique and music theory, and how to play key riffs of a lot of cool tunes. Plus, you’ll be prepared to continue learning, through other bass course material and/or whole songs.


Badass. It’s right there in the name. :slightly_smiling_face:


You’d be in Scotland


Like math. Knowing is good, applying is awesome.

You can start learning your favorite songs now so you can utilize what you learned so far and recognize the technical bits on your future modules.


You would be a beginner with a solid foundation for becoming intermediate. Wether you become intermediate is on you.

There is a ton of information in B2B but being brand new means you don’t have a perspective on why it’s all important and how it all fits together.

What helps all of it gel is after (or during) B2B when you start learning full songs. When you go through that process, you see how all the pieces fit together.

If you really want to internalize what B2B has to teach, go through the whole course. Then learn some songs. Then do the whole course again. If you do this, the second time through will be even more eye opening.

Also, Josh has a YouTube video explaining what it takes to be considered intermediate and all the resources you need can be found as part of B2B.



I finished B2B a long time ago, and I’m STILL not in Scotland. :face_exhaling:

Maybe there’s a wee extra course chunk I overlooked. Color me fair scunnered.


That’s pretty much what I did, although I got stuck on a couple of modules and diverted off into learning a couple of songs as a distraction/ relief.

I started in August ‘23 and this is me now: https://youtube.com/@sunDOGbass?si=S0sij0-BXEyXhvTN

I am not sure I am ‘badass’, but I can more than hold my own, playing with other people now, provided we have agreed the songs in advance, they are not too complicated (I’d love to be able to play petty much anything off Duran Duran’s Rio album, but it’s beyond me) and I have practiced. I fact, the guitarist I am now playing with has asked be to slow down in the song suggestions as he can’t keep up :rofl:

B2B gives you a really solid foundation. What you do after is up to you. My ambition is to get a covers band going and then play in front of more people than just my daughter or a guitarist & a singer… to do this, a) I need to find band mates - apparently not as easy as it sounds, and b) make sure I can play the selected songs, solidly, consistently and ”in the pocket”.


Classic :crazy_face:


I watched your amazing YouTube videos and even though I’ve never tried to play a song or use a pick you inspired me. Took a video but can’t upload it sorry


Here’s how to share a video on this forum:

Host it on YouTube, Vimeo, or any other online server. Then, just copy its link and paste it in a post.


I think the cool thing on this forum is that we all inspire each other! We don’t see the nastiness you get in some of the Facebook groups, or other web-based forums.

I love the fact that we’re all here to encourage and help each other. As an example, @MikeC explaining how to pose the videos. A tough bit there is working out what your YouTube name is going to be :metal:

I look forward to seeing your video - I must point out though, it’s a bit addictive, this learning songs and posting videos of them … or maybe, it just highlights one of my many character flaws!


I must admit the Facebook page ‘beginner bass players’ has been nothing but helpful and supportive to me.

I’ve just posted the video on there so actually that comment may change :smile:


@MikeC thank you, I’ve been brave and done just that, and may post the link …maybe :smile:


@MikeC @sunDOG

Ok, here we go https://youtu.be/mda-GWDRtoE?si=1SE45QZ2_0nV2jiA


Cool! Good job.

One suggestion: Tilt the camera down so your picking hand is in the shot. You’ve got a lovely ceiling, but the bass is the star.


Good job @ros0754. That’s right on! 5 weeks playing like that is very impressive.
What camera did you use? It looks awesome.


@Al1885 my phone camera and it’s internal microphone s21 ultra


Cool! And it’s The Cult!

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@sunDOG because I saw you play the Cult

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