B2B for a guitarist

Hey everyone,

As I mentioned in my Intro post, I came to the bass via the acoustic guitar. Better late than never right??

I think because I started on the guitar and the band I jam with plays mostly rock covers (a lot of straight 8 root notes at fairly high BPM) I naturally started the bass with a pick. Sorry :slight_smile:

Before I get thrown out having just joined bear with me a second. Couple of questions.

  1. I have been playing just over 6 months. I don’t have designs on being anything other than a rock bass player with perhaps a side order of blues down the track. Am I best served by going back to basics and re-learning picking with my fingers or can I just accept that I’m a bass player that uses a pick and focus on developing that technique?

  2. Assuming for a moment that I’m sticking with the pick, would I still be able to work through the B2B course or is it just for finger players? I feel like I’m going OK but don’t want to ingrain too many bad habits this early in my playing.

Thanks in advance for any opinions. Cheers


We don’t judge pick players around here :grin:
I didn’t play any instrument when I started 4 months ago, so I just followed the lessons using my fingers. I’d think it would be best to go through the course the way it is intended. However, some people might be more helpful on this subject…
There are some specific threads on using a pick in the forum you might want to have a look at as well:


Hi @Sherman,
Josh does cover pick playing in module 15 -16,
I wouldn’t get to caught up in anything, what ever works for you is what you go with.:+1:
Cheers Brian

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@Sherman first off, there is no need to apologize. This is the friendliest forum on the planet :smiley_cat:

First, check out The Pick Thread

I would say try to learn the lessons with finger plucking first, then go back and try it with picking.

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