Bad setup or bad technique?

Bad bass setup, should probably loosen that trust rod.


That’s indeed pretty bad, but in all fairness it is one of his early tutorials. I’m surprised he’s left it up.

I have his (much more recent) “Duck Dunne Collection” of 26 songs and they are much more professional - with very little fret buzz. :smiley:


OMG… that is all😎

Yeah, I like his channel, he is Trying to do good, I won’t fault him for that.
I do get your point, it would be hard to not notice…


Well… That’s what I’m asking myself these days…

I love the looks of my new Yamaha (yes, it finally arrived two weeks later than expected)…

But it has a severe case of fret buzz… At least I think, that’s what it is, when it sounds like a buzz saw… As long as I’m only playing open string it’s fine… But, you know… :rofl:

Since I didn’t have that with the Ibanez I think it’s not my bad technique…

So I’m about to let the local shop do a setup on both basses…

Now I’m wondering… Is there something I need to ask for in particular to not look like the noob I actually am, or is this the kind of „one setup please“ situation (+ maybe a change of strings for the Ibanez), and all necessary information is exchanged? :laughing:

Sorry for asking dumb questions, I think the cough syrup might be affecting my brain :rofl:


Just asking them to do a setup would be fine. You can also ask for a low, medium or high action. Let them know about the buzz and tell them it has never been set up.

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Thx :slight_smile:

And since I don’t know what kind of action I prefer, I’m probably on the safe side asking for a medium one?

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If you like the current setup of your Ibanez and you’re bringing that in as well, they should be able to determine your preference based on that. Then again, if you like the setup of the Ibanez, why have it set up again?

Either way, I’d encourage you to learn how to set up your basses yourself. You might be surprised how easy it is, and it would allow you to fix little issues like this on the fly. Plenty of info to be found on YouTube as well as here on the forums:


Thx for your reply.

I know that in the long run I’m better off doing the setup myself. But for now I don’t actually know, what it’s like to play a bass with a good setup.

That’s also the reason why I’m going to bring in the Ibanez as well. For now I only know, that playing the Iba feels better than playing the Yamaha (which is a no brainer, because that buzz is really annoying)…

That doesn’t necessarily mean there’s no room for improvement… :wink:

Also I bought the Iba used via eBay small ads. The guy who sold it, told me, he never really got into it… and judging by the looks of the gig bag it was sold with, it might have been stored in the cellar for quite a while.

Also I’m not even sure I know the exact type of Ibanez I bought. He said it’s a GSR180, but the pictures I found online all had two single coil pickups, while mine has a single and a split coil… With those I found a GSR200 online, but that has four knobs instead of just 3…

So bringing the Ibanez to the shop is more like an overall maintenance thing than just a setup. :slight_smile:


Good idea! Depending on the overall state of your bass(es), there might be issues with the fret wires as well, and that is better left to an expert (depending on how grave it is).

Have you posted pictures of the bass here on the forum? The gals and guys here are typically very good in sleuthing bass models :wink:

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Gotcha, makes total sense.

Re the Ibanez model you got I was going to make the same suggestion as @joergkutter, but he beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Nope, I haven’t… It’s not really that important, because at the moment I don’t think about selling it… So I thought I might casually ask „do you per chance know…“, when visiting the shop :rofl:

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Haha, but that is really not the only reason why you’d want to know :grin: Once you know what it is, you can find more information about it, learn about it, and be better prepared for what you might want to look out for when you are starting to contemplate an upgrade :joy:

Your strategy with casually asking is good, but is not guaranteed to give you the right answer… (I’d let the people in here help for sure!!)

Have you done a serial number search??

My mush brain is busy enough trying to work right now :rofl: Might as well just post the pictures here :rofl:

Btw I find it rather amusing that my brain feels like cotton, but I’m still able to write in a foreign language… Currently I have the attention span of a squirrel on LSD… Reminds me a lot of that dog in Josh’s GAS video… :rofl:

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Sorry to hear about your brain - long Covid?? :dizzy_face:

So, it seems to be a IJSR190-BK, which seems to be part of a start-up set.

From the serial number, you can find that it was made in Dec 2010 (in China, as also printed on the headstock).



Thx… Finally the child has a name :smile:

No, it’s not long COVID… Had the big C last year around Christmas and recovered fast. Brain mush this time is just me having a cold /flu and being a wussy :rofl:

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Hi there. I just wanted to give an update on the setup thingy with my two basses.

Before Christmas I tried to bring the Yamaha to the shop, but was sent home by the staff. They had so many guitars and basses in the back waiting to be processed, that I couldn’t even let the bass there. They told me to come again in about two weeks (without appointment or even putting down a note somewhere)… :roll_eyes:

But they already told me that they probably couldn’t do much against the fret buzz, because for basses „that’s pretty normal“…

So I went to their smaller branch. Was able to leave the Yamaha there on first try. Information was about the same: „bass = fret buzz = deal with it“… :roll_eyes:

A week later I picked the Yamaha up. They said they have put the action a little bit higher, but not too much, because it’s already very high. Fret buzz is still annoying as ever.

My plan to bring the Ibanez to the shop for maintenance as well is now canceled. I’m afraid if they try to apply the same setup on that one, it will get annoying, too…

I like it just the way it is, hence no shop until further notice. :roll_eyes:

And yes, my go-to bass for practice is the Ibanez.

By the way: my practice space is in the bedroom. Hubby still didn’t notice that every once in a while the bass magically changes colors from black to dark redburst and back :rofl:

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You need to find more competent people. They clearly had no clue or didn’t want to be bothered. Could you perhaps locate a luthier in your city/region? Sometimes you find people fixing and maintaining guitars/basses as a side business to their day job - usually they are rather enthusiastic about everything guitar/bass and generally a good source of advice and help. Such a luthier will hopefully be able to tell whether the bass CAN be fixed at all or whether you might have to get a new/better one (because issues with the neck/truss rod, or frets are too serious to warrant repair on a fairly inexpensive bass).

Hopefully he is more attentive when you get a new dress :joy:


Never ever go back to any of these shops.
They are morons.

Perhaps try doing it yourself?..

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IF I wear a dress he will notice instantly… And ask me if I’m sick or someone else died :rofl:

Found a luthier in my city. Will try to contact him in the next few days.

As for the DIY… I’m not quite there yet :laughing:

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