Bass Setup


How important is a setup when you buy a bass out of the box?
How much should a setup cost vs. teaching myself?


It is very important, it’s not hard. I learned quite quickly. Look for John Carruther’s videos on YouTube, and see if it’s for you. My local GC charges $50.


Unless there is something really wrong or off about the bass, I don’t set anything up on a new bass. I bought it because it plays and feels like a great match for my physiology out of the box. Setups come later after years of playing as the bass drifts off the mark. If the bass is used then I typically change the action.


Thank you


This is true for me too, but usually something doesn’t feel ideal so I end up tweaking the bridge action at least if not the trussrod.

That said, as a data point, when we bought all the basses for the Beginner Bass Reviews they were all pretty playable out of the box. Depends on how picky you are.

For me it also depends on how badly it needs a setup. Adjusting bridge action is super easy, getting the trussrod right is a little harder. Depends on how comfortable you feel with that kind of stuff.