Bass brands worth lower price?

I have seen a cpl basses recently that caught my eye because…
1- I like the model of style
2- they are available locally
3- they are UBER CHEAP.

So, I am asking for comments on:
The Brand?
The Model?
Your experience with either of the above?
Your impression on either of the above?
Would you buy it for the listed price?
What would you pay for it?
What would the seller have to pay you to haul it off?

( I may have this on going thread to post things that catch my eye, for your comments. Anybody else, feel free to hijack this thread for the same purpose)

1st. OLP Stingray (licensed by MM) asking $300




Next up
Stag: Fretless. Asking $200

Interested because it’s Fretless. Don’t know if it’s worth it because I am not familiar with the brand.

Thank you in advance.

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Sorry, don’t know either make or model. But…

Since they are local, I would try to arrange to test them. The old adage is: a bass needs to feel right to YOU (i.e., it doesn’t matter so much what I think)! Get a feel for the neck, the fretboard, the body, the way it balances (or not), feel the hardware, check for obvious defects, blemishes etc. Then, of course, it should play and sound right for you. Now, that can be tricky, depending on whether it is set up OK when you test it, what kind of strings it has on, what amp there might be to test it and so on.

As for the price: check all other places, listing, etc (local or non-local) where you could find the same bass and compare prices. Depending on how many you find might also give you an idea how popular or common this model is and what your chances to resell might be (if you are not happy with it after some time).

If you are interested in it, make a reasonable offer below the asking price, but not insultingly low (but I guess you know all that).

In any case: it is all about whether you feel comfortable with the bass in your hands


I’ve heard about the Stagg.
My drumming friend has one and likes it – quite a lot.
On a Dutch forum, reviews were mixed, but I think this was due to setup issues. Having said that, the general consensus was that it was good value for money – and it comes at, I think, between 220 and 250 bucks. Amazon sells it for 234 dollars, so I would say 200 is very stiff.


Thank you so very much @joergkutter, for taking the time for a well worded piece of advice to any buyer of used, and even new gear. All points, excellent.
And, please don’t take this the wrong way, I truly value your time and effort, but, that is not what I am really looking for in this thread. I have a similar checklist, and use similar negotiating tactics as you listed above already, and I trust my judgement in that aspect of any purchase.

What I am really looking for here are opinions, rather then advice.
I want to know what you think of the brands, how they make you feel looking at them, or thinking about them. Do they jump out at you, do you find them ugly, or plane? Does the color not fit your scheme? Anything that you, or other posters are thinking and/or feeling when seeing the bass, the name brand, and the price.

Put aside the, check for fret wear, neck warp age, cracks, dings.

Lest just assume
( I know the size of the can of worms being opened when asking for opinions and assumptions, but I am opening it all the way up!)
That the thing checks out, passes all inspections, plays great, feels comfortable, sounds as good as my shit ear can hear. So it’s up to brand, price, instinct and gut reaction. Time to walk away?
Time to buy?
Time to haggle price?
That is what I am really hoping for.

Again, I thank you wholeheartedly for what you wrote, you did it with great intentions.
It was my initial post, I Did not explain what I was really really looking for. But I think I just did :grinning:
I hope I just did🤔


Thanks @peterhuppertz. That is good info. I had not looked up comparable models for a price point yet.
The good thing is that it has been for sale for about 3 weeks now. I think I could probably offer $125 and maybe take it for $150.
I just did not know anything at all about Stag.
I may see if he is willing to negotiate, and possibly set up a time to go play it.
I only played one fretless conversion. The forest filled up, at least it had lines.
That’s the one drawback to this one. No lines.
Thoughts about lines?
I read Others say to get them if you can.

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Gotcha, @T_dub - no problem at all!

I am sure you will get opinions… but, I daresay, you get more advice in this forum than opinion… (there are other bass fora, where you get mostly opinion, but often little advice :grin:)

And, yes, you might be opening a can of worms indeed!

Good luck :smile:

PS: I didn’t mean to be patronizing or preaching to the choir, but if I came across like that, I apologize!

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No apology necessary, you have done no wrong, and I did not take it that way at all.

Often a thread like this is started to get advice. I was just clarifying to the masses, that I am good in that area for the intent of this thread.

I also hope people have fun with this.
It’s like you guys can go shopping with me, and spend my money…LOL

And, BTW, I find deals all the time, so check thread often, there will be other basses posted in due time.

Thanks again @joergkutter and :raised_hands:


I’m not sure where you are, but 150 would get me a 4 string fretless Harley-Benton from Germany. I have the 5 string version, and I’m perfectly happy with it.
Having said that, I did spend close to 50 euros to get it set up properly. If that has already been done to the Stagg, le plot, she thickens. :wink:

Yes, but it seems my thoughts are the thoughts of a minority – I am currently thinking I don’t want to need them :wink: … as in, I want to get at a point where I can play a bass without looking at the fretboard, and I want to be able to pick up someone else’s fretless and play it.

When I got the Harley-Benton back from setup, I was pretty sure I would introduce the side of the neck to a permanent marker, with the help of my tuner.
And then I started to run a few workouts with it. Net result: I haven’t done it yet, and I may not do it at all. It may be that I’m being tough on myself… not sure yet.


Thanks for the info @peterhuppertz.
It’s US dollars.
I have looked at Tommin (sp?), for the HB, and other make / models, but shipping would probably, not only be costly, but be super annoyingly, excruciatingly long to get here.

Plus, If I were to order online, I probably would be looking at other, fretted, models, makes, maybe a rickenbaker copy, or stingray etc…

I am justifying this because it’s an available Fretless. It’s just circumstance. I am still undecided.

Anybody have thoughts on the OLP RAY?

Also, how is SLAP do on Fretless? Does it do much much better on fretted? Or doesn’t matter?
I mean Les does it, but he is Les, and I am not equal to one of his nose hairs.

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There will be no slapping in our house, so I wouldn’t know. Having said that, my gut feeling tells me that slapping will work a lot better on fretted…


Les Claypool showed everyone that slap on a fretless is wicked awesome.
Having said that - the metal frets give your slap a much more defined, bright, and clack-y attack. I much prefer slapping on fretted basses.


Another inexpensive line you might wat to check out is SX.

I have never heard anything but love for these things (for the price), and I was actually tempted by the SX SWB I tried.


Thank you @howard, great info, yet again however, shipping is nasty because I couldn’t find any US dealers, unless I am missing something. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Glarry is a brand that people are testing now too, and having good exults from what I read, but they have a much smaller product line, are out of stock on the one I actually want to get, and I don’t think they have Fretless. Again, I could be wrong, will have to double check. But that would be another thread I may start if the time comes. This is a running thread about basses I find locally for sale, that caught my eye. So I hope for opinions and comments about those two basses, and any others I post in the future.

Also, I go back to the point, if I am to order something, it probably won’t be Fretless. That is just an opportunity that is available within 45 miles of my house, currently.

So, I think, again, the point of the thread has been misleading.

I was looking for opinions And feelings, any possible knowledge of, or reviews of, the actual basses pictured in the thread. Because, this’s two are the ones available now, and prob not for too much longer, so I need to decide to go for them, or move on.
I appreciate everybody’s help and knowledge, it comes in handy, for other things.

Hoping @howard, you can re post your opinion and gut feeling of the two basses posted in the thread. Weather you know them or not. It’s your opinion I am after.

I hope to get more posters to help.

So far I have +1 for the Stag based on a post above.
Nothing on the OLP Stinger.
Come guys, you have to have an opinion.

Yes or no works.
Any comments work too.

Rondo sells them in the US:

I really don’t know anything about the brands, sorry :slight_smile:

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LOL check this one out:

medium scale, that gradient color is glorious, and it comes with stickers :slight_smile:

Bearing in mind the only SX I have ever seen was a different and much more expensive model of course, grain of salt, etc

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Thanks for the Rondo link. I actually had been there. Not sure Weather I will get anything there yet or not, will look later.

So @howard, not knowing brands aside, do you feel nothing when you look at the pics posted?
Not a right or wrong answer. Just your feeling about, and opinion about.
Hope I am not coming off combative, or ungrearful, because I am not trying to be, and do value everything said. I just want to pull a little extra out of you.
“Black basses suck”
“Fretless FTW”
“I would go play it, and if it felt good I would offer $xx for it”
“ I would never consider that, it’s not worthwhile.”

Ya know?

Thanks again for lots of good info.

Yeah, understood. I wouldn’t be comfortable giving an opinion from just photos. Do you have any info about the basses besides just the pics?

Superficially the hardware on the 'ray looks decent but you can get a Sterling subray for not much more than that, which is what I would probably do.

I have no interest in fretless and thus know almost nothing about them (what makes a good fretless fingerboard, etc). Superficially its picture looks like a lot of other inexpensive budget basses but I couldn’t say much more than that from just the pics.


I have no intentions to bring you out of your comfort zone.
I have nothing but pics and asking price.

What you just posted was PERFECTION. TYVM.
I had not priced SUB’s new or used even. I will check into it. See what I can find is the difference between OLP and SUB (May be made in the same house, and assembled or set up at different places? May not, but a great thing for me to consider)
Again, many thanks.

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Ok, so I have decided against those two.

I have been looking for Yamahas, hoping for a sweet deal on a TRBX304, or 204, or even a 174.

I actually had something fall into my lap today. Too good to pass, even tho it was just an RBX170.
Like new, never set up or played, and for only $40.

That’s a deal you take even if you don’t want or need another Bass.

And then, I was looking at another one on “offer up”, and was waiting for the guy to get back to me tonight to tell me the model number. If it was another RBX170, I would pass it up, even tho it’s a color I much prefer. Even knowing I could sell the black one I just got for a profit, I would just let it go.
Note: I didn’t know how to spot a TRBX174 from an RBX170 until after I had the 170, otherwise, I would have known this morning what I know now.

The guy just messaged me that he has a TRBX174EW waiting for me if I want it. It looks to be like new, and unplayed just like the 170 I have now.

My question is, is there a big enuf difference between the TRBX 174 and RBX 170?
They seem almost the same side by side, other then a slightly different profile, and body material?

And is the difference worth buying this 174 for $130, and selling the black one for say $80, or just even keeping it?
Two Yammys for under $200. Granted the low end of the spectrum, but still??


What would you do???

Should I settle for the 170, and hold out for something higher then TRBX174???

@howard. You are Yamaha guy, right? What say you.

What say all of you?

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I also must ask. That color is not an option for TRBX174EW on the website.

Was it available in the 174 in a different year?

Hard to think it would be a fake, but could it? For only $130 what would be the point?

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