Bass Goes to the Movies

I thought movies/films/documentaries would be a cool topic to chat about. (If this has been discussed already feel free to combine the post or delete I searched and nothing came up)

So feel free to link movies or post titles and give recommendations.

For me, I would highly recommend the documentary “Standing in the Shadows of Motown” Which is about the “Funk Brothers” who recorded on Motown records from the late 50s to the early 70s and James Jamerson along with other phenomenal musicians were part of. The idea for the film was to cast a light on these amazing hitmakers that the general public has no idea who they were and to give them the credit for so many hits rather than just the singers of these songs.

Next up “Rising Low” which answered the questions what happens when 25 diverse bass players come together to record with Gov’t Mule, the bassists that appear in this are too many to list. It’s in two parts on YouTube, here is the first part:

That’s a good start I will post more later when there is a lull at work!

Practice and enjoy!


Scott Pilgrim vs The World! Main character plays a Rick. Even has the Vegan Bassist Boss Battle.

“Sounds like someone wants to get… funky.”


Rofl this is so weird. :laughing:


I know! The movie is great and the cast is amazing. It’s not satisfied with just being from a comic itself, it basically raided other future comic book movie stars for the cast - that scene had Captain Marvel and Superman in it, and Captain America plays another character :slight_smile:

Story is great. Brie Larson sings in the movie, really well actually. And Ellen Wong steals every scene she is in. Really the only weak point is Michael Cera in the lead.


While not strictly bass Hired Guns is a great rockumentary on some of the great session musicians out there who aren’t known to the masses. It does feature Rudy Sarzo, so you do at least have on bassist.


What a cool idea.

I always found watching Donald “Duck” Dunn on the Blues Brothers a lot of fun.


“The Wrecking Crew” (2008) is a documentary on the famous group of LA studio musicians with considerable time spent on groundbreaking bassist Carol Kaye.

It can be found on YouTube and probably on other streaming services.