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Hi Guys, I was wondering if there are any bass players in the Netherlands here?
Beside the Bass guitar I got from a friend I’m looking around to buy my own Bass Guitar. My boyfriend who plays Guitar for years told me it’s wise to look around for something else because of the “Action” of the Bass Guitar I have…

There are so many stores when I google, and was wondering if someone can advise what’s a good store?! I’m looking for a store with many different Bass Brands, like Fender, ESP, Ibanez, Schecter… I’m looking for a Bass Guitar what suits with Rock and Metal (in the future when I became a Badass :wink: )

So I think I have to look for a P-Bass, definitly not a J-Bass?

Hope someone has some advise :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance!


Can’t help with a store but there’s lots of different styles and pickup configurations to try. What I would recommend is once you find a store, go and just try a lot of their basses. You’re looking for one that feels good to you, both how it sits in your hands and how it feels to play it. Don’t worry about style or tone or pickups at first, just find a few that really feel good to you.

Then after that comes style and tone. Pickup types can vary; most styles work with any. Most versatile is probably P/J or double humbucker. But don’t worry about that - just find basses that feel good to you, then out of those, which ones sound good and call to you with their looks. That’s enough for now. You want a bass that will motivate you to pick it up and play it. There’s always time for more later down the line.


I would say both are good for those genres. Double humbuckers is also a popular choice for metal. A P-Bas is a bit easier with tone controls but a J-Bass is more versatile in different genres (and usually a bit easier/faster to play on because of the slimmer neck profile). Fully agree on what @howard said, for now it’s best to try out some and find the one you like.

Bax-shop is a good choice for finding many different bass brands, depending where you live it could be that the local store doesn’t have too much basses in-store (Goes has a lot tho). Keymusic is a good start too but they are sometimes a bit on the expensive side. Those are the two biggest music stores in The Netherlands iirc. If you are looking for something more boutique I can recommend either Dijkmansmuziek in Breda or Dijkmanmuziek in Amsterdam. It’s really confusing because they have (almost) the same company name. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you order online and aren’t too sure about the bass I would advise using Thomann or Bax-shop since they have a decent return policy. Dijkmansmuziek in Breda does a very good setup, I bought my Sire P5 from them.

Thomann is by far my most popular music store where I order from.


Hi Paul, thank you so much! I know Bax-Music, there is also a store in Amsterdam (which is a 20min drive from my home) so will definitley take a look there… For me not a problem to drive to other places, but Goes really not around the cornor haha.

Totally agree, also what @howard said, just feeling what fits the best for me.
And really good to know about the J and the P basses.

I love the Website from Thomann, I bought my amp there and some other stuff. Too bad the store is in Germany, really want to go there sometime…

Thank you both for your really fast reply :smiley:


I did some orders from Max Guitars. They are fine folks.


You could also look on Marktplaats if you decide to buy a second bass. Used basses usually come with a good setup too. Adjusting your action isn’t that hard either (we got some threads about that). I’m currently selling my Sandberg bass on MP. :wink:


I agree with what folks are saying, focus on what’s comfortable. John Paul Jones played a Jazz for Zeppelin, as did Ian Hill for Judas Priest before moving onto a PJ when he switched to Spector basses.

You can make any bass work for your music style. Still, PJs and double humbuckers are versatile.

Comfort is key. Find the bass you love and play that. The right bass makes all the difference in the world.


The first band I was in, I played a J bass clone (before I even knew what a J bass was lol) and it was absolutely a metal band :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I wouldn’t turn away a J bass if you liked how it played, sounded, and/or looked (let’s be honest… looks matter, especially in some genres more than others XD )

different “action” is just a setup or minor adjustment away (as long as the instrument itself is okay), though I wouldn’t want to change the action on someone else’s instrument :eyes:

But yeah, if you can get around to some places to put your hands on some instruments that’d be great. I will say I love my Schecters, and my C-5 GT’s tone is metal AF imo lol \m/(>.<)\m/

I had to back and forth on the names multiple times to spot the difference XD


Welcome from a fellow Dutchie, @Denise1! I’d share my recommendations, but @Paul pretty much beat me to it :joy: I might add Round Music. They are located in Groningen, so not around the corner either, but they have a webshop and a 30-day return policy. Also, as others have mentioned, don’t throw away your current bass just yet! It might just need a decent setup, which is easy to do yourself, or relatively cheap to have done for you (compared to buying a new bass, anyway).


Thank you all for your replies! Really appreciate all the recommendations and advise you give. It’s really helpful.

@Mike_NL ah cool maybe I can combine it with a visite to family :grin:
And really don’t want throw away the bass I have. I really like it, so I just want to feel how other basses feel and whats right for me. That’s why I’m looking for stores, just to get the feeling. Also thanks for the tip for the setup. I will look into that!

I’m not in a hurry at all. Just looking around. When you search the Internet, the options are unlimited! :sweat_smile:


When you’re ready, lots of information here:


So was not really planning to buy a new Bass guitar this fast… But I kinda fell in love with the Ibanez SR300E… The price range, the look, it had it all. So I watched a lot of review video’s this weekend and decided to go the store today (went to Bax Music in Amsterdam). My intention was to feel the Bass, look around for some other basses. But in this store they had not a lot in the same price range. Only a couple of hunders higher, or really really cheap, like around 100EUR.
So I tried this Bass in the store (well I play now for 2 weeks, so it was not something special - I can play Another on Bites the Dust for 90%). And I felt the difference right a way. The neck is much smaller and the action is so much better then the Dean I have from my friend…

So long story short, I bought a Bass!!! Really in love with this Ibanez SR300E Black :heart_eyes:


Great choice! Ibanez basses are known for their slim, fast necks, and are great value for money. Enjoy it!


Oh really? :joy: Grats on your new bass. Can’t go wrong on that Ibanez. :metal:

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Pretty one! It looks tall and slim :smile:Congratulations! :heart:
I am planning to buy my bass “for life” in June. Only that I have already chosen which one, now must only wait.


the weathered black definitely looks metal af. congrats!

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Yes great choice. I was always curious about Ibanez. This one will have bags of tone. I’ve seen some great players using Ibanez. Carol Kaye being one. I’m left handed and Fender/Squire is good for lefty’s. I’m a seasoned lover of P-Bass but I have a Jazz bass that I adore also. My first bass was a an active bass by Westone, from the same factory, I think . Have you had the bass set up professionally? If you haven’t I recommend it and buy your string online first as the stores range might not be great. Think about your favourite bassists or songs. You might want bright strings or flat wounds. Brand wise, Dunlop are my goto strings. Never failed me. I like rock and I use nickel wound super brights when I can. Happy playing. Great choice again.

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Funny how this works!
What a difference a day makes.

Enjoy the new bass! Looks killer!

For future reference, you will say all this again…when you buy your next bass.


Thanks for your tips!
I have not set it up professionally, didn’t know that was something I could do!!

My boyfriend plays guitar and he is a big Ibanez fan. Do maybe that’s why I already had a little bit of love for Ibanez.

I think the strings are fine, I already have a set of new strings at home. I bought Ernie Balls (also because my boyfriend always use the Ernie Ball strings, so that was an easy choice).

So many too look into, sometimes it feels like a lot and I want all too fast.
But it’s all going to be OK!

Thanks!! I really like getting feedback and tips :grin:

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Haha yes! I think I’m not the only one with this kinda story :rofl: