Bassbuzz B2B Tracks Playlist on Spotify

Hello everyone!

I have noticed that after working on the course a couple of hours every night, I have a burning desire to listen to the song I have been working on the following day.

I am on the 8th Module and now it is taking me more than one sessions to pass a lesson so I think listening to the track of the lesson during the day would be like “Studying while working”

I know all these songs (plus many more that Josh created) are already provided in the course material but I find Spotify to be super handy to access it from my phone and PC where ever I go.

Enough intro! Here is the play list.



Hi @Fahri,
Great idea, I think I will have a better look at it.

Cheers Brian


I don’t have the same desire, but there are enough reasons to go look for the full song and as you said spotify is handy to access and thanks to your effort it’s even easier to find the songs from the course.

Thanks for thinking about the community and sharing it after you created it! Thank you!


@Fahri Very cool! Thanks for sharing this out to everybody.


Well done and thank you.
I’ve already downloaded it and will most certainly use it.


@Fahri that is a great resource. I’ve put it in my library thank you very much. @JoshFossgreen linked for him to see this post.
:guitar: :slight_smile: :guitar:


Awesome! Thank you.


Sweet ! Thanks Fahri, – I’ve been thinking about signing up for Spotify, and now that I know this is there, I’m going to sign up right now!

Practice Well !


If anyone wants to convert a playlist from a streaming service like Spotify (or Tidal, or YouTube Music, or any of the others) to another music service, then there is an online service which has a free and paid service to do exactly that.
It’s called SOUNDIIZ
I have used it when I gave up Spotify for Tidal, and now again to convert probably a 100 playlists from Tidal to YouTube Music.
The free service lets you convert one playlist at a time, and the premium lets you convert a whole bunch in one go.
But I never went for the paid service as a)it is very quick to do one playlist even with 100+ songs in it, and b)some services like YouTube music limit the amount of playlists you can create in a single day anyway, so the batch load would fail.
The user interface is not brilliantly intuitive but it does work, and it does involve you authorising Soundiiz to access your current and new account credentials.
Tidal the company recommend them so that’s some kind of endorsement I guess


I tried to play that, but it asked me to sign up. Great idea though, thanks anyway.

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Thanks for doing this @Fahri!

I’ve also just put out this playlist of songs with recognizable bass lines in connection to my 20 Tips I Wish I Knew as a Beginner Bassist video:

(don’t know why this link won’t turn into a pretty box like it did above, but it’s still fun to click on :stuck_out_tongue:)

You could set up a dummy account with fake info, FWIW. I generally hate signing up for stuff too. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve already watched it! Great tips and great list!

I took the link directly from spotty app> share > copylink

But does not work that way anymore for me as well