Blues Box Youtube Playlist?

Hey !

Has anyone put together a playlist of all the recordings Josh suggests playing along to in The Blues Box lesson?

I want to make a daily workout of playing through all those songs, and I figured someone already had the same idea…

If not, – I’ll see if my “boomer computer skills” can put one together, and then I’ll post it here.

I want to create a rock solid foundation in The Blues and Country Western, before I move on to Soul, and eventually Jazz.

Ultimately I want to form a Desert/Stoner Rock band, ( I’d call it either: The Dunning -Kruger Effect or The Milgram Experiment).

Rock On Everyone !


I haven’t seen one, but it would be cool if you did one.

I’ve played around with the Blues Box and honestly, I think you can apply the technique to any blues/jazz/country song that uses the 12 bar blues.


For sure, – I like to make up my own basslines using The Blues Box, … I just want to have a list of songs that I can systematically go through those variations with , and at the same time develop the habit of playing along with songs, and backing tracks, – because I almost never do that.

And those are all really cool songs!


Such a good idea. I haven’t seen this, but I also think it would be wonderful. YouTube or Spotify libraries of the playlists from the videos would be yet another gem in this starry bass-teaching crown.


Yeah, – I got the idea while playin’ and a singin’ along with Hank Williams…

I’ll make a Blues Box Playlist, – as well as a Bass To Badass Playlist, because songs like Higher and Higher are classics that, even when they cease being a challenge, will always be a great warm up, – and if I’m ever good enough to be in a Function Band songs like that are going to be on the set list; so might as well start a catalog of songs from The American Songbook, and keep “up to snuff” on them.


Killer. When you do these lovely things, be sure to share it back here! I’m sure there are other folks who would be down to check it out.


@Fahri Put this together…


I put up a Blues Box playlist on Spotify…

I couldn’t figure out how to share it here, but if you go to Spotify it’s titled:


I couldn’t find the Eric Clapton version of I’m Torn Down, but I found a smoking hot Jeff Healey version. I hope you can find it, – if you are interested.


Mike Strong

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