Bassist Hears Thundercat for First Time (Mind Blown)

I’ve never heard “Funny Thing” by Thundercat before… now I have to write my own bass line. In front of you. In 3 takes. Let’s hit it.

Need the bass tab and sheet music for the original Funny Thing bass line? Here ya go -

Which bass line did you like better, mine or Thundercat’s? :zap::cat:


I already watched this twice.
It was great to see you demonstrate the process you go through for writing a bass line.


I really like these bass line creation challenges. Back in the days, we used to do a few of those on BassBuzz and those were a lot of fun. To see how differently we beginners tried to tackle the challenge and then compare to how you or @Gio “solved” the challenge was both inspiring and instructional. I learned a lot from those… and perhaps we need to have those again!?

So, the idea to do that with a well-known bass player’s bass line and you as the “challengee” is cool, and you do a great job guiding through the process and comparing the results and pointing out differences and what effect they have.

What I don’t quite get is “whose mind exactly is blown” and why would anyone’s mind be blown?? I mean, the chord progression is about as simple as it gets and I would always expect a pro like you to come up with something very suitable in no time at all (basically you could probably do it on the fly) - and you sure did! Still, that it is an “easy” chord progression doesn’t take away from instructional purpose of demonstrating the process and doing a nice comparison and analysis.

But why this extremely click-baity title??? That is what I don’t get at all. Is that to trick some YT algorithms or some such? You have been releasing fantastic YT videos without the need for overly click-baity titles, but this time (and along with the head exploding graphic)… I just don’t know. I don’t think you need to do that; it doesn’t feel like this is your “style” (but then, I don’t know how to play the YT game)

Also, the video starts somewhat abruptly, which felt a bit confusing before I understood what was going on.

That would be my feedback (written with quite a bit of jetlag) and I hope it has some usefulness for you :smile:


Dude, I kinda think Josh did that with a little “tongue in cheek”. He DOES have a sense of humor


It’s entirely true that I might have misunderstood the whole thing… and, yes, I do know and do appreciate Josh’s sense of humor :smile:


I’m with you. No doubt the vid title is click-baity, @joergkutter, but I’m sure it’s because that’s the YouTube way.

Video titles involving a competitive field like music instruction have been over the top, sideshow-barker-y for a long time.


This video just makes me appreciate @JoshFossgreen
Click bait?
Absolutely. But, if you’re not down to clickbait, stay out of the YouTube, as my mother always told us.

Also, someone needs to send you a trophy for your synth sound.


Fun and interesting watch as always :slightly_smiling_face:

Exactly this! :laughing:
Basically the way YouTube has been for a long time lol.
Pretty much the only way to get anywhere with it.

Literally the only video I’ve ever posted to even get likes in two figures was clickbaity as hell :rofl:


Great video Josh and amazing how quick you picked it up. I do like the OG bassline a bit better but still a cool take!




This is a bit like the old adage " Eat shit, people - a million flies can’t be wrong!" :wink:

Does something become acceptable just because it is done over and over again?

Also: this is not any beef I have with Josh (I have no beef with Josh!) - just some food for thought.


This particular clickbait is the norm in reaction videos. I see a lot of these as the ladies in Babymetal, along with BTS and Nightwish, are the most reacted artists on YT. And I see this every day “First time reaction to Babymetal” and I’m like dude, you have 20 other Babymetal reactions.

But this standard grammar for titles. First reaction to the song.

That being said, this was a fun video. My first Thundercat song in reality. He did a collab with Gorillaz last year which is the first I had heard of him. Just not my music scene. He got game though

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I saw Thundercat when he sat in with Colbert’s band back when it was Stay Human. Truly next-level shit. The guy is a bona fide badass.


I was actually impressed how close the tone was to Thundercat’s.

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I understand where you are going with this and I find clickbait annoying too, but the fact of the matter is Josh is building his brand, and this is one of the tools he has available to increase views. He’s doing the right thing here.

To be honest I found the previous video title even more baity - his “30 most iconic bass riffs” one. Even though I agreed with Josh for many of them there, the title reminded me of the lame lists Rick Beato frequently churns out that he always titles the “best of” lists. Beato’s choices on those lists have convinced me that the guy has broad and yet really disturbingly bland tastes if he really considers his lists to represent the best; this is the danger of using words like “best” or “most” in titles. The answer is of course that Beato doesn’t really consider those necessarily the absolute best, but rather uses such titles as bait; this has been very successful for him, so I can understand why Josh would do it too.

Being a youtuber seems a really rough climb that can take years until you hit critical mass (at least according to successful youtubers, anyway). I can totally understand and support Josh using all the tools he has here.


Fully agree with Howard :slightly_smiling_face:
Kinda have to in order to work the algorithm & generate views :+1:

I never fully committed :laughing:
But a couple of random videos I uploaded, one with a boring generic title, one clickbaity, I’ll let the numbers do the talking
A lot of paranormal activity enthusiasts were probably disappointed in that 30 seconds or less, but it got views :laughing:


This is the first time I saw one of these “create a bass line challenge” videos and the whole concept is fascinating to me. I know absolutely nothing about music composition or how somebody goes about creating a bass line for a piece of music. Seeing it done in real time was so interesting. While Thundercat is a killer musician and his bass line shows that, I actually thought the one Josh came up with was really good!


Whenever I see titles with those words, I always assume it’s from the POV of the person/brand putting them forward. Rick Beato’s “best” are not Josh’s “best”, which are not my “best”. For me, there’s always an assumed “IMHO” at the end of a title like that.


My thoughts exactly. First time seeing a video like this as well, and I thought it to be a fun concept. I’d love to see more of these in the future.

As for the click-bait title, I think that’s just the way of things these days. Its impossible to build a brand/increase subs/etc. these days on YT and other platforms without being a little “edgy” or lean towards “sensationalism”. Regardless of my personal tastes, I understand its a necessary evil at this point.

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That was cool. If anyone doesn’t know it already, allows you to isolate the bass lines on any mp.3 you run through it.

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I just watched the video, and I liked it, I find it very “Josh” and it’s a lesson really on how to add a bass part on a track, there’s a lot of info
I’m probably not getting the concept right but clickbait to me is when the tittle misleads you and the content doesn’t correlate, that’s not case here imo
I think that the title and thumbnail are tongue in cheek if anything

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