Batking Travel bass quality?

Okay bass players, I searched on this specific [practice] bass and my question is does anyone have any experience with them?

I travel immensely by air with my job and normally don’t bring my bass because it’s plain cumbersome with a 30-50% travel schedule. However, I’m trying to practice daily! While I do have technology that allows me to leave the amp at home, I want a bass that I can easily sling over my shoulder, fits next to my seat (does not have to be checked) and can easily get through FAA security yet has the same relative scale as my full size guitars.

Sound quality should be “acceptable” as this is for practice in hotel rooms, not for gigging. Require full scale so fingerings and riffs transfer to any standard bass. So please no comments like “I recently performed with one live in front of 25,000 people and it sucked…” I’m thinking about buying one soon, so I appreciate your honest feedback.

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This little guy sounds pretty ideal for your needs.

It is a 32” medium scale bass, though, rather than a 34” long scale. Still, the difference when switching back to your home basses should be negligible. Have fun.


Yes, I did see that it’s 32" scale, thank you for pointing this out. This is the only truly competitive product out there, but bulkier than I’d like for my air travel:

It’s even shorter scale @ 30" and even though I found one on E*Bay being sold as “nearly new” at 50% less than retail, being sold by a bassist that indicated it’s “functional” but does not meet his needs - he could not live with the limitations. I personally ruled out that model as having too short a scale.


Although the specs say it is 32 inch scale, they also say the length of the entire bass is 73 cm, which is only 28.75 inches; it’s hard to see how the scale length could be longer. At 28.75, that would comparable to the Mikro or the Squier mini.

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I don’t have any experience with this bass and I didn’t find anything on either.

The write up says it has a rosewood fingerboard. If you are traveling internationally this could be a problem.

Since Brazilian rosewood is protected they can ask for proof of where the rosewood came from. If they aren’t satisfied, they can take it. Honestly, I don’t know how likely this scenario is but I would stear clear of international travel with rosewood just avoid the issue.

Having said that, that doesn’t look like rosewood to me. My guess is pau ferro.

Regardless, it sounds like it ticks all your boxes. Goodluck, and let us know how you like it.


@John_E might have a reccomendation. I believe he’s had two different travel basses he’s taken on airlines.

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Good point, more research needed…

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I had this and swapped it for their other model (which @JerryP has/uses as well).

I love mine. I wouldn’t call it bulky at all. Pickups are great. Tone it great. Built in headphone amp is very useful. Fits great in an overhead.

I would not like the Baking one for one solid reason - not enough body. You need some body mass so it isn’t moving around a lot, which is part of why I ditched the other traveller. I originally thought like you, smallest possible but found I didn’t want that. Can’t speak for the Baking but the Traveller is great.


I’m in complete agreement with @John_E on the Traveler Bass Guitar. Love mine and take it just about everywhere.


Definitely recommend for traveling it comes with build in headphones amp. It’s compact but still feels like a bass guitar.

The stick type of bass is not very user friendly it has bone but no meat, you can’t really put it on your lap and play.


Interestingly I was pondering making something like the Batking from spare parts just the other day.
I have a spare freltess neck I was looking at building something from-some timber, belcat harness and a couple of pickups, spare bridge and tuners…hmmm


The important part about portable bass is ease of use and comfort, in my book. I had a steinberger way back it was not a fun bass to play standing up or sitting down.

I do feel the same about ergonomic bass body. It doesn’t necessarily work well in many situations


Thank you - definitely worth considering, especially if I can find a used one. Prefer the white color as I already have two sunburst guitars. Also like the built-in headphone amp and Aux input! I practice that way at home already, would save some amp connections…


Then I did more research and found these… Again, primary need: (1) Carry-on airplanes, (2) practice in hotels away from home studio.

Was hoping to find something less expensive, but these tiny boys just might be the perfect travel practice bass?


23” scale is TINY and you might not like the transitioning. Traveller is still 32” same as a short scale and not bad going back and forth. I’d be wary of 23” for travel practice.

Ya I wanted white too but found burst used. They can be found rather easily for a good price.


Tiny boy are great but not cheap, custom made strings great sounding pickups. I’m actually have one custom design on deck. They sound like a regular bass, just smaller package.

I think this is more special bass than daily driver. If you wan to practice to keep your skills sharp, I’d still get travelers bass. 32” scale and almost normal feel body. Playing wise they are just like a normal bass.

Of course, I’d still get the Tinyboy bass if it’s easily available, lol.


This, Short scale. and its comfortable to play. I have the multiscale which is 35’ scale. but they have short scale which is shorter than a guitar. That batking looks like it would sit weird on a lap.


Really? Interesting - the smallest Ibanez I know is the mikro, at 28.6". Guitars are usually 24.75" or 25.5" (Les Paul or Strat scales).

FWIW I don’t have trouble going between guitar and bass, so 23" might not be too terrible. But yeah that’s short, and string tension will be awful.

Thank you all. I am leaning very heaving towards the Traveler as I agree that for me, consistency in fingering position (scale) is an important checkbox. I really like the white version (less of them out there) and while I have found it for 20% off, I’d love to locate a lower priced used unit as this would be for travel only, hard to justify full price (albeit with warranty). I’ll keep searching and believe this is the best fit long term.

In the meantime, I may buy a “beater bass” locally at a pawn shop and fly with that in my checked baggage. That way if (God forbid) it disappears, I won’t cry too hard…


Good luck with your search.