Beginner Funk Bass Made Simple (Bootsy’s Funk Formula)


You can be a total beginner, know no theory, and still use this formula to kill it with beginner funk bass and beyond.

Jump right in - 0:46
Hear Bootsy Collins talk about “the one” - 3:02
Learn the groove we’re gonna play - 5:27
Slow playalong - 8:18
Find the right notes with the Funk Box - 9:20
Medium playalong - 10:40
Full playalong - 11:21
Test out the Funk Box yourself - 13:14

Sheet music + tab for our funky playalong:

Had you ever heard Bootsy or anyone else talk about “the one” before? Did this lesson help clarify what that means?


Nicely done, @JoshFossgreen :slight_smile:

Gives me some good ideas for getting into a different music style.

Thanks and all best, Joe


Agreed! I loved the bit of music knowledge/history you detailed with this as well as the instruction for the riff. Though it’s a wee bit tough for me at this stage (I’m hoping my left hand “gets” it pretty soon!), it’s certainly fun stuff to give a try!



Killer video.
Killer production.

Also - Bootsie reigns supreme.

So does the formula. My first time seeing that.


+1 here, super happy to see these new videos.