Best PJ basses

I think so:



Often this is true! But sometimes it isn’t. You really need to check this on a bass by bass basis. Generally you want to measure from the bridge saddles to the pickup to check the relative position.

With some you get a P that you can turn down the J on and have it be about like a P-bass. Others are positioned a little differently. All of them will sound good though. You end up with the punch of a P and the growl of a bridge J.


Thanks @Mike_NL I was assuming that as well.

this one actually has the TI Jazz on. It was fitting to the unique sounds so I thought it was a good pairing.

Yep, phrased it all wrong
Assumption #1, Rotosound, due to red silk
Assumption #2, Rotosound 77’s

GHS Boomers have red silk too

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Hmm guys, whatcha think I just add J bridge pup to my P bass. I think it may be cheapest option. And Im very happy with its build and weight.

Share with me some good PJ pups to add/replace current.

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Hmm I just found out guys I buy gear from have set of Custom Shop 60s Jazz.

I was thinking, get those, put them in Jazz, get bridge pup from Jazz, put in P bass.

Which p bass are you talking about?

I love my P/J but I love it almost entirely for its P, and reading this just made me feel sorry for your P-bass :rofl:

My P/J has an excellent J pickup and I still often bias against it towards the P.

This baddie.

Well heck man, now you made me feel sorry to ruin P. You are pointing me towards buying a new one arent ya? :rofl:


Actually, I won’t because unless it’s a high end American Fender the PJ always come with 1.5” at the nut. I thought of doing the very same thing with a little twist by adding the bridge pickup circa 1975 closer to the bridge so it’d sing like a bell.

That said there’s a few things you probably want to consider. You probably want to move the jack to the edge and not on the pickguard. My plan was to do a stacked volume/ tone, volume/tone circa 1962, Bobby Vega couldn’t say enough great things about the set up. I have this setup on a few of my bass and I love it.

If you want to do it go for it. I can’t see this in anyway devalued the bass because if I see one I’d probably buy it, lol.




The GAS must flow.


Heck you guys, I have to get a good amp before I go back to buying basses.
Gallien Kruegers arent cheap.



Hey @howard who’s the group? It sounds like kind of a Japanese JAMC?

Title says “Supercar - Lucky”. I’m guessing one is the band name and the other is the song. Not sure which is which though.

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Yeah, it’s Supercar. They were one of Japan’s bigger indie bands from the late '90s through mid-2000s. One of my favorites.

The bass player is relatively famous, Miki Furukawa. Yamaha did a signature version of the SBV for her, the SBV-800MF.

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As a recent convert, I’ll echo this sentiment.

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A couple cycled through Seattle Craigslist last month.
One was $250