Best PJ basses

So I’ve been thinking to get rid of Precision and Jazz, and get one really nice PJ bass.
Less basses and strings to worry about. And “best” of both worlds in one bass.
So I’m creating this topic to make a list of best out there, as for myself and also for other looking at this combo.

So first ones that come to my mind, that I’d get are, ordered by subjective favoritism:

  • Yamaha BB1024 / X (Awesome sound, much cheaper than 2024, hard to come by, can be heavy, my favourite so far)
  • Yamaha BB734A (More traditional/generic sound, active/passive, affordable, lighter than previous, lack of color options)
  • Yamaha BB434 (Kinda like BB734A just passive, pretty cheap, no nice fret markers)
  • Fender Jaguar PJ (Less in electronics and QA department, lack of color options)
  • Fender PJ’s (Precision body, both mexican, american & japanese, including Aerodynes and Boxers)
  • Sire PJ’s (Pretty much as Fender PJ’s with much lower price)

Community recommendations:

Gimme more options. Will update the list with your suggestions.


Honestly, the best P/J I have played was a Warmoth build that I found on Reverb. It has quilted top and maple neck and was built with outstanding components…SD Quarter Pounders pickups and everything else was top shelf. There are several on Reverb right now for about what those you put in your list costs.

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Good plan but this statement is not true sadly.
A PJ is a “sorta P” with some unique tonal options. It will never be a J, and the pickup placement of the P makes it quite different from a straight P.

I have a lot of PJs (mostly Aerodynes) and they are great because I’ve got lots of very different, specific pickups in them, but I am still often reaching for a straight P or J for tone or fit with a tune. FFIW

I don’t agree that a Sire is a cheaper Fender either. They are cheaper but I myself have not played one and thought “it’s a Fender”.


Agree with @John_E JPJ would be best of both world neck middle and bridge wanna go a step further the ultimate would be JPMM or JPH.

Pj comes in different flavor p neck width or jazz neck width. Personally I prefer wider string spacing but faster Jazz profile is just as fun.

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There’s always these, but keep in mind the MFD pickups.

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Agree with the Yamahas but I would replace the 434 with the BBP34. There’s also the 414X.

To the list I would add my favorite, the SBV-550. Mine looks identical to this. Sounds better than my BB734A did, IMO.

Tone example:

(that’s an SBV-800MF but it sounds basically the same).

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I love the SB2. I have the CLF one It’s very unique and funky. No tone knob just volume. I own all of Leo’s PJs the Various Fenders, Musicman Caprice and G&L SB2


I don’t know what your budget is but I’ll throw Lakeland’s Skyline series into the mix. Love my 64-GZ PJ


Just in case you need some more suggestions:

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This is by far the best deal on PJ at the moment. $199

Active electronics, Roasted maple neck with Rosewood fingerboard beautiful burst color. I bought a pair to flip, lol.


That’s way beyond impressive!
Looks like you have the R77’s on your SB-2, I do as well.
This is the perfect place to confess I regret not picking up a mint red SB-2 Tribute last month.

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I don’t believe this is universally true. Some PJs have the P pickup closer to the neck than a traditional P-bass, the aerodynes being a case in point. These will certainly sound different to a P.

But others have the P pickup in the traditional location and the J pickup shifted back closer to the bridge.

So when choosing a PJ you need to pay attention to whether the P is in the traditional position and whether the J is in the 60s or 70s position.


I wouldn’t agree with this, if you take something like Fender Player Plus, Performer or Deluxe Precisions, you will get a Precision sound. Also this is subjective, since lately I’ve been playing with people and recording, and PJ’s pop out so much better in the mix than just Jazz while still retaining that spanky sound from bridge J pup.

I meant they are not bringing anything different than Fender already is, except for cheaper price.

I agree that not all PJ’s have that P position exact, which changes the sound. Also my preferance are bigger chunkier necks, so you can guess why I wanna get PJ.

Those G&L’s always looked nice, but lack of tone control always bothered me.

I’d also replace it, if it wasnt for that price :smiley: Regarding 414X, possibly the same reason I didnt include 424, both pups are ceramic. But I’ll add it to the list anyway for other community members.

Gonna check that out. Thanks.

Will check it out. Thanks!
Edit: Heck this looks insane.

Nope, nope, nope. Squier + Active = shitshow.

Totally agreed.

I actually prefer ceramic pups! More punchy and brighter than Alnico.

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That can be good in some cases but I prefer to have dynamics of Alnico.
That’s why my favourite so far is BB1024/X, alnico P and ceramic J.
Ceramic J balances out Alnico P very well.

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This is a really good call here @RoyB - Laklands are exceptional (ps - buy a used one!!, subscribe to talkbass classifieds, they come up all the time).

@Growl - don’t get me wrong, I do like PJs, I have 4 of them, all with different pickups in them. They just don’t sound the same as a P or J, to me. Agree not universally true, however, a lot of folks go down the ‘best of both worlds path’ (I did with my first PJ!!) and then realized they had to take a different route.

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Sure does:

Lakland Skyline 44-64 Custom PJ


I was more thinking this one.


Lakland does purple very well.
And I have their ebony fretboard with matching headstock. They are quite rare.
I’d jump on that one.


Oh no! Paging @Koldunya

@Growl about the Active Squire, it’s different for sure it sounds a bit compressed but what not to like quiet and really studio ready. I can see your point of view, but coming from mine having a few more basses, it’s a refreshing change.

Same goes to the SB2, the unique electronics are super cool in my book. I’m not after a cookie cutters here I love unique styles it makes for memorable experience. Well it’s very easy with the G&L because so many of their basses are very unique. When I make more room I’d probably acquire a few more favorites from them, lol.